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Nursing: Justice and Caring in Care

Running Head: JUSTICE IN NURSING 1 JUSTICE IN NURSING 2 JUSTICE IN NURSING Name Professor Institution Course Date Justice in nursing Introduction The principles of nursing are aimed at providing a guide to medical practitioners in assessing and treating a patient. Justice is the ability to be fair and providing them with the care that is due to them. It means that the nurse has to provide access to service equally to all clients given the limited resources in the hospital (Bernhofer 2011). Therefore, one should not be discriminated from...
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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Comorbidities

Running head: RESEARCH PAPER Research paper Research Paper Name Institution Professor Course Date Research problem The problem presented in the report indicated that numerous chronic conditions have all the earmarks of being endemic among physical trauma survivors treated in US injury care frameworks. The late critique had elucidated chronic conditions as circumstance that most recent 1 year or progressively requires continuous medicinal consideration and/or limit exercises of day by day living. Very common comorbidities distinguished incorporate persevering PTSD, depression, and related self-destructive ideation, alcohol , and medication use issues, TBI,...
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Replies on Ethical Debate Group Project

Running head: REPLIES ON ETHICAL DEBATE GROUP PROJECT 1 REPLIES ON ETHICAL DEBATE GROUP PROJECT 2 Replies on Ethical Debate Group Project Name Professor Institution Course Date 1. The student has presented accurate information arguing that it was still very early for the defects of the baby to be confirmed. Furthermore, he has provided a relevant website link where people can learn more on managing pregnancy in the context to Zika virus. Is there any problem with the early detection of microcephaly disease in fetus? In my understanding, early detection...
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What Can a Nurse Do to Combat Obesity?

Running head: NURSING DISCUSSION POST 1 NURSING DISCUSSION POST 3 Nursing Discussion Post Name Professor Institution Course Date Obesity is a major problem among adults in the present world with men having a prevalence rate of more than 32% while the women are at 36% (Flegal et al, 2012). Obesity is measured using the BMI where a person who has a BMI of more than 35 is said to be obese. One of the main contributors of obesity is unhealthy lifestyle that has been adopted especially in the Western world....
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Mission and Ethics in Health Care: School of Nursing

Running Head: MISSION AND ETHICS IN HEATH CARE 1 MISSION AND ETHICS IN HEATH CARE 7 Mission and Ethics in Health Care Joanna Kowalczuk North Park University School of Nursing Introduction Nurses play an essential role in ensuring that the patients receive the health care in the required manner. Their conduct and the way they display their professional skills has a significant impact on the patient’s life. A professional nurse gives a patient the priority and attends to their needs. Nurses provide emotional support to patients as well as interact...
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Pathopharmacological Basis Associated With Obesity

Running head: PATHOPHARMACOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS 1 PATHOPHARMACOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS 12 Pathopharmacological Foundations Name Institution Pathopharmacological Foundations Introduction In the recent years, treatment of many diseases has shifted from conventional medication to focus on holistic healing. Apart from monitoring the medications and treatment, advanced practice nurses are also required to investigate pathopharmacological issues that are related to specific disease processes. In this paper, I am going to discuss obesity. I will analyze the pathophysiology of obesity, and the impacts that the illness has on the patients, their relatives, and populations at both local,...
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Clinical Scenario for Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

Running head: CLINICAL SCENARIO FOR VENTILATOR ASSOCIATED PNEUMONIA 1 CLINICAL SCENARIO FOR VENTILATOR ASSOCIATED PNEUMONIA 4 CLINICAL SCENARIO FOR VENTILATOR ASSOCIATED PNEUMONIA Name Institution Professor Course Date A 67 year old man with a record of congestive heart failure as well as remote non-small cell lung cancer abruptly develops conciseness of breath. His original chest radiograph confirms diffuse infiltrates constant with pulmonary edema. On appearance to hospital, respiratory pain as well as hypoxemia calls for intubation and ventilator maintenance. The man is relocated to the intensive care unit and offered...
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Christian Perspective, Christian Worldview and Buddhism

Running Head: CHRISTIAN PROSPECTIVE AND BUDDHISM 1 CHRISTIAN PROSPECTIVE AND BUDDHISM 9 Christian Prospective and Buddhism Cynthia Davis Grand Canyon University/HCA 515 Date: Worldview of Christians and Buddhism While Buddhism is the philosophy of life as preached by Gautama Buddha, Christianity is the relationship with God, through His Son, Jesus Christ. According to the Buddhism, the nature of the world around constantly changes in that they believe that nothing is permanent in the world. It is their belief that the failure of humans to understand the nature of the world...
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Transitions in Professional Nursing: Professional Paper

Chamberlain College of Nursing NR351 Transitions in Professional NursingProfessional Paper Worksheet TemplateStudent Name: Date:Directions:1. Carefully read the Professional Paper Worksheet Guidelines found in Doc Sharing. This provides specific details on how to complete this assignment.2. Rename this document by clicking Save As. Change the file name so it reads Your Last Name Professional Paper Worksheet.docx. For example, if your last name is Smith, type Smith Professional Paper Worksheet.docx.3. Save the document as a .docx file in Microsoft Word 2010 or later.4. Type your name and date at the top of...
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Case Study of Disability in the Elderly

Running Head: CASE STUDY CASE STUDY 7 Case Study Name Institution Professor Course Date CASE STUDY 1: MR. BENNETT & COMMUNITY NURSING 1. Is Mr. Bennett capable or not, can he let him live at risk? No. Mr. Bennett is not capable of doing the house chores well since he is old, weak, and blurred vision. Mr. Bennett is all lonely in his home therefore he is undergoing a lot as per his old age. He is also likely to face some risks. For example starving if maybe the food...
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