What Can a Nurse Do to Combat Obesity?



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Obesity is a major problem among adults in the present world with men having a prevalence rate of more than 32% while the women are at 36% (Flegal et al, 2012). Obesity is measured using the BMI where a person who has a BMI of more than 35 is said to be obese. One of the main contributors of obesity is unhealthy lifestyle that has been adopted especially in the Western world. The Western culture has adopted a model where individual engage in unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles that have consequentially changed the level of obesity in the society. Lack of exercises is also a main contributing factor with the present generation engaging in no physical activities. Technology has changed the physical activities and models that were used in the past thereby, increasing the level of obesity significantly in the society.
Engaging in sensitization campaigns on the importance of healthy living is one of the methods that a nurse can change the tide. There are different models that can be highlighted in the sensitization campaigns as one looks to educate individuals on healthy living. Engaging and leading exercise campaigns across a specific community are also one of the initiatives that a nurse can adopt (Ogden et al., 2014). The nurse needs to take part and use the platform to ensure that members of the society understand the importance of exercises to their health through discussing and engaging them accordingly. The nurse should use their experience and advice members of the society who are at risk of being obese. Advising the people suffering from obesity on the best methods to overcome their suffering is also critical. These models are all important to ensure that the people engage in healthy living and there are no problems in the systems that have been applied.

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