Replies on Ethical Debate Group Project


Replies on Ethical Debate Group Project

1. The student has presented accurate information arguing that it was still very early for the defects of the baby to be confirmed. Furthermore, he has provided a relevant website link where people can learn more on managing pregnancy in the context to Zika virus. Is there any problem with the early detection of microcephaly disease in fetus? In my understanding, early detection of microcephaly would help pregnant women establish appropriate ways of coping up with the situation. However, the student has displayed the importance of following the policies of World Health Organization.
2. The information discussed by the student is very relevant as it would play a major role in helping the pregnant woman make her decision. Are there microcephaly children that have improved their physical and intellectual abilities through the help of extensive therapy? Routine checkups on the baby’s growth and development have been examined to treat the microcephaly disease. However, student’s discussed idea has been mainly known way of treating children with microcephaly.
3. Relevant idea and understanding of the topic. What problems does the patient’s support group face in the process of helping the pregnant woman? In a personal understanding, the support group sends away the desperation and oppression that the patient may be facing within the society. Additionally, the article discussed by the student strongly encourages the patient as she is able to acquire significant information on how to cope up with a child born with the birth defects.
4. The student has presented relevant information on respecting the choices and decisions of pregnant women. Are there rules and regulation governing the choice and decision of pregnant women? Examining the student’s idea, he sticks to the nursing ethics that patient’s choices should be respected since they have control over their bodies an option that should not be taken away from them. Additionally, patients’ rights and choices have been significantly discussed in the Pro-life movement and should not be violated.
5. Great idea on the multiple complications that can occur as a result of microcephaly disease. However, are there means of coping up with the Zika virus complications such as calcification? I concur with the perception that Zika virus has other multiple problems that the pregnant women should understand. The understanding would uphold the patient’s decision and choice thus making the appropriate decision concerning the unborn child.
6. The student has significantly displayed his roles as a nurse but he has not given responded to the patient’s situation. As a nurse, how would you ensure that you give patients the appropriate information that would help them make informed decisions? In this case, the patients must have been fully equipped with microcephaly disease so as she could be able to make an informed decision. In failure to this, the patient would make mistake decision and choices.
7. The student has proposed a reliable way of solving the patient’s problem. For further studies, is abortion as a result of microcephaly disease opposed in the religious spirituality? Of course, this was a relevant idea of discussing the religious spirituality with the patient because most of the people in world consider abortion as a crime even without considering the condition of the child or the mother. The discussion would relieve the patient from the religious worries and make a right decision.
8. Adequate and reliable information concerning pregnant women choices. To what extent do outside pressures from spouses and family members lead to wrong or right choices of a pregnant woman? The article you choose had credible information since making abortion as the only option for the patient would strongly affect the patient’s autonomy. In this case, it is important to respect the decisions and choices of the patient since every pregnant woman has the right to make her bodily decisions.
9. The student has presented reliable and accurate information that supports the information of others in the group. What problems does a child with disability experience if he or she lacks social, political and economic support? On the other hand, it is important to consider the disability rights in this case so as the patient can see and understand what she will expect and get from the society. As proposed by the student, the patient has to consider family support before making her decision.
10. The student has presented reliable information on the patients concerns. Is age considered on matters of abortion and why? Consideration of one’s age and fertility is very significant as the student has outlined. This is because they help is predicting what a patient can or fail to achieve in future. For instance, if the patient aborts, there is a possibility that she will not bear another child as a result of her age and fertility.

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