Governing and Managing International and Global Organizations


Governing and managing international and global organizations

Governing and managing international and global organizations.
Overview of the topic
It is clear that a century ago. People were employed within their countries, and there was little or no movements across the border. Other parts of the world posed no impact in American’s way of living. People carried out campaigns to build churches and hospitals. Live expectancy was very low about 50 years in America, and they were frequently attacked by incurable diseases (Shrestha, 2006). The greatest threats facing humanity today like terrorism, climate change, diseases, and natural disaster, cannot be quarantined within the borders of the nation or continent. The rapid growth of technology is allowing people to move across the borders and they are not locked in one area. The advanced technology and the economy is a result of people’s cooperative engagement of minds across the globe. The non-profit organizations are becoming largest in the American style, and many other nations are following the American way to carry out their activities. It appears as if the world has become a small village and the Nonprofit are taking control on the world stage. The main reason may be explained due to changes in political, cultural, and economic realities. The end of cold war and spread of democratic and capitalist philosophy across the globe. Also, trade unions are viewed to be another cause of diversification.
Definition of the concepts
In US the word international organizations may be used as an umbrella to mean, international institutions, like United Nations, World Bank, and the international monetary funds and international nongovernmental organizations. There are also transnational hybrid organizations such as Red Cross. Nonprofit organizations are not widely used across the world. It changes the meaning with the part of the world they are. Nonprofit organizations are also known as non-governmental organizations. Different from the International institutions, nongovernmental organizations are chartered under the law of one nation and are not recognized in the law of the other countries (Bogiovanni et al. 2014). There are different types of NGO which include public interest NGO (PINGOs) which are interested in public interest and business interest NGOs (BINGOs) which are trade and professional associations in the US and advance the agenda of business industries (Missoni, 2014). Many NGOs operate the American way, but the difference is the frameworks under which they work, the sources of their funding, and their relationships with their government.
The best known NGOs are the international NGOs whose activities go across the borders of a country. The NGOs were based in USA and Europe, but nowadays they are fully diffused across the world (Anheier and Themudo, 2005). INGOs include the names that people know including Red Cross, Oxfam among others. Some organizations begin at the national level. They extend across the borders inviting new members into the organization and even writing in different languages. They ……………………..

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