The Professional Learning of Teachers Through Experience in an International and Intercultural Context

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The professional learning of teachers through experience in an international and intercultural context

The cultural behavior or beliefs of any given set up is widely respected no matter its effect or impact it causes around its environment. It is from these cultures that people develop and become to be what they are in their lives. Every person as a history about his or her culture background, it set up and what they practice or believe. In this context, we provide a summary of Richard Rose and Philip garner as they explore how their university has adopted an international perspective for postgraduate courses in education.

The writers are focused on the cultural differences of the students in the university and how their teachers relate with them. In the recent years, it has been observed that many international students coming out from their different countries are being admitted to study in the UK universities at a higher number. This has posed a great challenge to the English education system to coming in terms to meeting the needs of these people from their different cultural backgrounds. It is the role of the teachers, who are mostly from majority backgrounds to bridge the gap and formulate a helping hand to the minority students. The students are considered to be having special education needs or disabilities. In the modern system, the teachers’ needs to embrace a formula of not discriminating those with needs but instead should offer a helping hand.

Many of the international students might have experienced hostile social and political environments. The students come to the University to pursue a higher degree in education system that which they will go back to their countries to try and apply their skills in it. It is prudent for the teachers to handle these students with much care and not just imposing their western systems to them so as to provide the assistance they need in learning. It is of great importance to allow one to be able to interpret and practice his or her home cultural without despising them and looking down to them for such acts. This will promote much integration and cohesion amongst the students. The school systems need to adjust and accommodate all students in an equity and equality manner to allow them that freedom of participation.

The Writers University has accommodated the students from different countries under their unique cultural settings. The students experience real transformation of no discrimination whatsoever. The students have the freedom of freely interacting with each other and their education English teachers. They attend English classes that help them to broaden their knowledge on the new system of education. The students are offered opportunities to be allocated schools that match their profession and area of concentration which brings them closer to understanding the workings of the English system, which bears an added advantage in their pursue.

The students on their early day experience and find it strange in their new destinations. They find it difficult to adjust from their home cultures to the new English education style that they are supposed to learn and practice. Through their daily trials, they start to getting used to it as they have the help from their teachers in what seem to be difficult to them. The students acknowledge the warmth reception they receive and attribute whatever they have learnt as arising from the help in the University. From back in their home countries to where they are in England, they testify to have undergone a dramatic change that they would have not experienced if it were not for the friendly system in the University. It is clear from the writer that through the education degree that the international students learn, they go back to have great impact into their countries having experienced one of the best education systems in the world.

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