Leadership and Management of International Non-profit Organizations

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Governing and Managing International Global Organizations


Encompasses non-profit organizations management and governance.
These functions led by managers and Board of Directors.
Determined by the type of an organization.
Determined by the future goals organization.

Just like any other firm management, international non-profit organization governance and management is led by the manager and Board of Directors in an organization. They act as the main source of information and directives. At the same time, they are the center of decision making in an organization. International non-profit organization governance and management is determined by the type of an organization as well as the future goals of an organization. Some of the common functions included in the governance and management of these organizations include> governance and administration, accountability, staff and volunteer management, fundraising, communication, and marketting.

Managing Across Cultures
It is a role of the organization’s manager.
A manager should understand and appreciate diversity.
Enhances expansion and sustainability of an organization.

A manager should be willing to understand and appreciate different cultures based on where an organization and its branches are situated. This increases the chances of acceptability of an organization in the different parts of the world. At the same time, it makes management and other functions to be easily accomplished.

Organization centralization.
Organizational decentralization.
Local autonomy.
Hybrid model.

After non-profit organizations establish, they usually expand into many parts of the world. The new branches may receive instructions from the main headquarters or from its own management. Organizational decentralization, which is also known as local autonomy, is the situation whereby an organization functions on its own without receiving directives from the main headquarters. On the other hand, organization decentralization is the situation whereby an organization maintains ties and takes directives from the headquarters. Introduction and implementation of the hybrid model in the recent organizations has enhanced them to maintain affiliations and relationship with the main headquarters while maintaining an autonomous existence.

Importance of Organizational Governance and Management
Geographical Representation.
Organizational expansion.
Effective decision making and direction.
Manage staff and volunteers.
Effective fundraising and philanthropy.

Managing and governing the non-profit organizations is essential for various purposes. It enhances geographical representation of the organization in various parts of the world. Also, it enhances the management and supervision of the staff and volunteers and other functions such as: communication, fundraising and philanthropy. At the same time, governance and management enhances the expansion of the organization by boosting the performance of the organization beyond the borders.

Models of Leadership and Governance
Done in three main ways.
Enhances simple communication, representation, and expansion of a non-profit organization.

Internationalizing is the process of implementing an effective way of management and governance of an organization which links the management and Board of Directors from different parts of the world. It comprises of 3 models namely: regional representative seat, using specific number or percentage of members in leadership, and use of open elections.

Regional Representative Seat
For geographical representation of the organization.
Increases the size of the board if the organization expands.
Representatives may compromise serving the interest of the organization.

During management and governance, a seat for every region is set aside. This ensures that the organization is fully represented in all the parts of the world where it is situated. However, this may result to increase in the size of the board members and also to the diversion of some members’ interest from majoring with the organization into personal interests.

Specific Number of Members
For international representation.
Less board size.
Some regions may not be represented.

In this model, specific number of members are involved in the governance and leadership of an organization. It limits the number of board members. However, it may be unsuitable for regional representation since members are selected in a random manner.

Use of Open Elections
Members elected using nominations.
Enhances diversity and geographical representation.

Open election is done where non-profit organizations are large and it may be impossible to enhance representation of every region. Through open elections, diversity and a fair representation of regions is maintained by the organization leaders.

Issues and Challenges
Developing policies and functions.
Resources to enhance these processes.
Decision making.
Maintaining harmony.

In the management and governance of the non-profit organizations, several issues and challenges faces the management as well as the members of an organization. Developing policies and function that enhances maintenance of ethical standards and quality of services is a major problem. this is resulted by the existence of the organization branches in various parts of the world which are not unified into a single location with similar cultures. Also, limited resources may hinder the effectiveness of leadership. This may cause the leaders and region representatives to divert their attention and interests elsewhere. Decision making process is difficult where branches of an organization maintains ties with the headquarters. At times, it may force leaders to attend the main headquarters during decision making meetings. Lastly, maintaining harmony among the different regions and organizational branches may also become difficult. Difference in regional cultures and poor means of communication may eventually make the branches to become autonomous and performing by themselves.

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