Excelaire Gol Airline Crash




Excelaire GOL Airline crash
This airline collision raised various issues on the major cause of it. The NTSB made a report claiming that the collision was caused by the wrong directions that was given by ACT authorizations. The unhealthy monitoring system caused the collision of N600XL with Gol 1907. This was basically resulted by the fact that the two planes used same airway moving in opposite directions in a common plane (Roy, 2004). This ineffective traffic regulation was not the only cause of the collision. There were several personal and institutional ATC further reasons that also facilitated to this incident. These reasons reflected systematic inadequacies in emphasis on good traffic regulation ideas.
The misunderstanding in the communication occurred as the Air Traffic Control and the N600L flight crew were communicating. Inadequate communication and lack of good connection also led to this incident. Contributing to the incident was the unnoticed loss of operation of the airborne crash evasion scheme technology. This was as a result of the unintentional inactivation of the accountable personnel on the side of N600XL.
It was also claimed that the incident was resulted by the failure of the flight crew to maximally manage planes fuel load. The also failed to give information on this by communicating to Air Traffic Control on the emergency fuel circumstances. This could have at least been solved before fuel was fully exhausted. Thorough investigation is supposed to be done on airplane before the transportation commences. To avoid incidences like that one, competence and seriousness should be fully observed and adhered to.

Concerns were made by various boards like the National Transportation Safety Board (NTBS) claiming that warning audios and advanced visual alerts are supposed to be put in place to curb any other incident from happening (Roy, 2004). This suggestion was directed to Federal Aviation Administration in United States. This warning was also directed to Legal operators together with the Seat Up Seat Map United Embraer. This was because they could untimely disable the type’s transponder by insertion of their bases on the footrests straight under the instrument panel.
Federal Aviation Administration together with the National Traffic Safety Board conducted investigations and came to conclusion that the pilots may not follow the footrests. This might make the planes to lose contact with transponder who would have led them. In addition, there was no clear information about what exactly the crew told the transponder to standby which might have been improper procedure of the footrest guard (Roy, 2004). This serves as a lesson to human ergonomic reflection at avoiding unintentional contacts in actual flying circumstances as recommended by the National Traffic Safety Board.
Several safety issues have been investigated for the Airline Traffic Control. There is lack of the timely Airline Traffic Control response even after the occurrence of N600XL’s transponder and radio communication damage. These deficiencies have not been adequately reinforced with critical analysis but the fact is that, the Airline Traffic Control admits these safety deficiencies (Yuan, 2011). It is expected that these issues be solved to avoid future incidences of similar act.
Recently, high levels of safety and convenience have been adopted a thing which could have not be conceivable in the past years. The accidents have played a significant role since it has facilitated to an improved technology in aircraft communication. There has been introduction of high quality facilities which will ensure effective monitoring of airline transport. If this incident could not have happened, the National Traffic Safety Board together with other Airline boards may have remained reluctant on safety measures.
The Federal Aviation Administration in the United States in conjunction with several companies and individuals have strategized to constantly make researches on better Airline safety measures. This will avoid any more accidents happening in the future. Different Airline board worldwide are supposed to ensure that they adhere to the set regulations by ensuring that the staff involved the organizations have the required skills. Unskilled workforce in this field is very dangerous as this will continually cause accidents (Janicki, 2009). Critical evaluation and analysis is supposed to be done this field to check the capability of the operators.
Health equipment and maintenance of data has been encouraged for safety measures. Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) is supposed to be fully put in use for effective communication. This will ensure that clear information is received by the ground stations on the different aircraft schemes and antennas in real-time. Maintenance liabilities and irregular events are also conveyed to the stations together with comprehensive information in form of messages (Janicki, 2009). These are done in an attempt of maintaining health equipment and healthier restoration and maintenance accomplishments.
In other cases, interference is caused by the aircraft communication addressing and reporting system affecting the communicating display sections in the cockpit, which flight crews are supposed to be using to direct and obtain technical communications via messages and news either to or from the connected stations in the ground. The following information can be conveyed; requesting for weather condition data or permissions or the conditions of linking flights. The reaction from the ground station is conveyed to the airplane through the ACARS as well. The entire airline modifies ACARS to this part to outfit its requirements.
Automatic pig messages can also be applied to test an airplane linking with the communication station (Clinton, 2001). When the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System unit fails to communicate for longer than the set time, the station is supposed to ping the aircraft straight away. This plays an important role by the fact that ping reaction designates a strong ACARS communication.
In conclusion, Excelaire GOL Airline crash has contributed to better advancement in airline field. This has been achieved by the tireless efforts made by investigators with the aim of ensuring effective airline transport. Improved technology in the present world has also contributed to the most efficient and better operation in the field of communication. Improved sensors and audio equipment’s will ensure smooth running of activities. This will be facilitated by easy sending and receiving information from the aircraft to ground stations and vice versa. Incidences of this type have been prevented hence the chances of occurring again in future is rare.

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