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Emirates Airline Company Research
The hospitality sector/industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. The hospitality industry includes the restaurants, the cruise, the airlines and the list goes on. Utilizing the industry to its advantage can have a big impact on a country. A country that is using this industry to their advantage is United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai. Dubai not only has a resource of the oil industry, but has been a popular tourist destination. The oil industry used to be Dubai’s biggest source of income, but now the tourism industry has outgrown the oil business. Dubai had 15 million tourist visitors in 2015. Dubai’s oil revenue was about 5% of its income. (DubaiCityGuide, 2016). One of the main advantages Dubai has for tourism is that it is a tax-free city. They have made huge malls in the city to take this aspect to the next level. Also, Dubai has a rich history and culture. Dubai is a strict Muslim country that follows the law of Quran. Yet, it still provides the modern and luxurious experience including tradeshows, skyscrapers, and shopping. One of Dubai’s famous attractions is their airline. The Emirates airline is known to be the most expensive airline with top-quality product. Its first-class plane ticket costs range from $14,000 to $29,000 (Higgins, 2012) and New York to Dubai for $19,000) It offers a high-quality service that meets up with the expectation and price, including a private shower to a closing door.
Brief History of Emirates Airline
According to Emirates Airline website, about section drop down to history, in 1960, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum opened the Dubai International Airport and implemented an “open-skies” policy. In 1984, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum and Maurice Flanagan, the director and general manager of dnata, the largest suppliers of combined air services, discussed to launch an airline named to be either Dubai Airline or Emirates Airline. In 1985, the Pakistan International airline wet-lease two aircrafts to the Emirates airline which were to fly to Karachi, New Delhi, and Bombay. On October 25, 1985, the Flight EK600 departed the Dubai international airport to Karachi which was the first successful fly of Emirates airline. Sheikh Mohammed gifted two Boeings 727-700s to the Emirates airline. In 1988, Damascus was added to the airline’s route which was 12 destinations within just 38 months. Currently, Dubai travels to 136 destinations with $18.3 billion revenue and 52 million travelers in 2015. (Emirates Group, 2012.) The Emirates Groups headquarter is located in Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai has a satellite office at the international terminal in San Francisco International Airport. (Emirates Group, 2016)
Emirates Airlines Leadership Position
Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum is the Chairman and the Chief Executive for the Emirates Airline & Group, who is the youngest son of the former ruler of Dubai. Tim Clark is the President of the Emirates Airline. Gary Chapman is the President Group services & dnata, Emirates Group who is responsible for the Group’s finance, the human resources, the legal and the IT functions. Abdulaziz Al Ali is the Executive Vice President Human Resources of the Emirates group. Adel Ahmad Al Redha is the Executive Vice President and the Chief Operations Officer. Ali Mubarak Al Soori is the Executive Vice President-Chairman’s Office. Nigel Hopkins is the Executive Vice President Service Departments. Theirry Antinori is the Executive Vice President and the Chief Commercial Officer (Emirates Group, 2016).

Emirates Airlines Logo and Slogan
The Emirates’ logo is its name Emirates written in an Arabic calligraphy. Its current slogan is “Fly Emirates. Hello Tomorrow.” The logo depicts a sky cargo. The red color represents self-confidence, passion, prosperity, and leadership. On the other hand, the white color shows purity, nobility, and elegance (FamousLogos, 2015). Basically, it represents its purpose of flying its clients from one location to another. The tagline for Emirates is “Hello, Tomorrow” (Emirates Airline, 2016).
Emirates Airlines Target Market and Marketing
According to Sheikh Ahmed, the target market for the Emirates Airline is the globalists who are ready to travel abroad according to Sheikh Ahmed. Its passengers are made up of the business travelers, the expatriates and the transit passengers (Rodrigo, 2012). Marketing Strategy Analysis for Emirates airline) The Emirates use a lot of sponsorships and celebrities to spread out its name. The Emirates currently sponsor a soccer team in the La Liga such as Real Madrid, and another in the English Premier League, such as Arsenal. The list continues for the sponsorships in the European soccer teams and expands to Asia as well. The Emirates have sponsored the Rugby World Cup in 2011 and announced sponsorships for 2015 and 2016. It also sponsors for tennis, motorsports, horse racing, golf, and cricket (Emirates Group, 2016). It uses famous celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Pelé in their advertisement campaigns. It is also very active on its social Medias and has nearly 2 million followers on their Facebook and Instagram page (Kasi, 2015).

Businesses under the Emirates Group
The Emirates own many similar airplane related businesses such as Emirates SkyCargo, Emirates Flight Catering, and dnata. Hotels and resorts wise Emirates own Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites, Emirates One & Only Valley Resort, Le Meridion Al Aqah Beach Resort, and Premier Inn. With its interest in the sports, they own 7he Sevens, and Arsenal Soccer Schools Dubai. It also has Emirates Group Security and the tour operator and event management. For training, the Emirates rely on Emirates Aviation University and Emirates CAE Flight Training (Emirates Group, 2016).
Emirates Airlines Careers
Since it is a huge company, it offers various jobs such as United Arabs Emirates national careers, pilots, airport operators, planning and research, cabin crew, engineering, airport operations, passenger service system program, corporate communications, marketing and branding, cargo, cabin crew operations & special delivery, commercial, EmQuest, flight operations, group security, information technology, legal, leisure & tourism, procurement & logistics, corporate services, learning & development, inflight catering retail, global opportunities, and retail 7 contact center (Emirates Group, 2016).
Emirates Airlines Staff Benefits
There are many benefits for the Emirates staff. In a cash element, Dubai is a tax-free city, so all the basic salary is tax free. The company also provides accommodation and accommodation allowance, as well as transport and transport allowance. In a non-cash sense, there is a minimum of 30 days’ annual leave in addition to 10 public holidays. Leaving the company will result in the end of service gratuity. They also get free annual leave tickets to approved destinations with their dependents. They receive education support allowance, insurance, medical and health care (Emirates Group, 2016).
Emirates Airlines Competitors
According to Neil Halligan 2015, the Emirates’ direct competition is Etihad Airline because Etihad is also from UAE. Etihad is based in Abu Dhabi which is not far from Dubai and is running a successful business. According to the World Airline Awards, the Emirates were ranked at 1st, and Etihad was ranked at 6th (Halligan, 2015).
Emirates Airlines’ Environment Policy
Emirates Airline has a whole section on their website dedicated to the environment and what they do for sustainability. They have run ‘a greener tomorrow campaign’ in 2013. The CEO of the company has a video message about the environment to show how much the company cares about the environment as well. The Emirates has ‘Emirates Environmental Policy’. They have been investing in the most modern, the eco-efficient technology in aircrafts, the engines and the ground equipment. There has been environmental training and awarding their existing and new employees to engage them in environmental plans which a program called “Environment Champions” (Emirates Group, 2016). This policy has been effective since January 2011. They also have invested in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and the Wolgan Valley Resort. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is 5% of Dubai’s total land and the Emirates is putting effort to protect the desert habitat and species. And they claim that they have the most modern, quietest, lowest-emissions fleets in the world and are continuing to contribute to reducing carbon footprint. Recent years they have reduced CO2 emissions by an estimate of 2,500 ton and were awarded with Mobility Management and Environment Conservation at the Dubai Awards for Sustainable Transport (Emirates Group, 2016).
Emirates Airlines Growth Potential
Emirates airline is known not to let the economic recession get in their way of growth. Their passenger numbers jumped 11 percent to 49.3 million. The profit has also increased by 34%. President Tim Clark mentioned that Emirates can “easily double in size with a support on expansion.” Currently, Dubai airport can hold up to 120 million passengers, and they are working on it to expand to 240 million. They are expanding to Americas and Europe and Asia and Africa on their aircrafts (Schlangenstein & Lundgren, 2015).
Emirates Airline is committed to having sustainable tourism by ensuring significant impacts on economic, social and environmental matters. The move to ensure sustainable tourism are harbored under the airline’s corporate social responsibility and monitored by the Air Transportation Association (ATA) and the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) and the. First, the Airline is focused on reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency, Energy efficiency, Charitable Contribution, Waste recycling and minimization, water conservation, Support to education and reduced Aircraft noises. To ensure that the company grows as green as possible, the corporate social responsibility ensures waste management, water recycling and fuel efficient which ensures reduced environmental pollution. The company ensures that their employees are committed to protecting the environment by involving them in environmental outreach services such as tree planting (Emirates Group, 2016).

The Emirates Airline has grown at a very fast pace and is continuing to strive for the best. It only has 28 years of history and is picked as the best airline in the world. However, it still has steps to work on to evolve such as an expansion of its aircraft and its airport terminals. It is also working on protecting the environment and minimizing their impact on the environment as much as possible (Emirates Group, 2016).

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