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Aveda Company Sustainability
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Aveda is a company that was founded by Horst Rechelbacher in 1978. The company is now under Estee Lauder Companies Inc. and has headquarter in Minneapolis. The company offers variety of products ranging from hair care product, cosmetics, skin care perfumes, acne relief pads, hydrating lotion, lip gloss, eyeliner, concealer, makeup brushes, lipsticks, mascara, candles and many others. Aveda is a known beauty company that strategies the principles that encourage environmental responsibilities in their business (Ones and Dilchert, 2012). The paper will discuss the company’s sustainability and the green initiatives that are in line with the company’s mission and vision statements.
The vision statement of Aveda Company is connecting beauty, the environment, and well-being of people. The vision statement was drawn from the founder of the brand Aveda Horst Rechelbacher in 1978 that saw the connection between beauty and wellness, plant aroma ology and the profit making business committed to environmental and social responsibility. The mission of Aveda Company is to care for the realm people live in from their products and the way they contribute back to the society. The company is well known for its responsibility and environmental leadership throughout the world. Aveda’s major goal is to provide beauty products which are safe for human consumption and the world (Ones and Dilchert, 2012). Aveda Company guarantees quality and reliability for their products because their use of organic plants and flowers.
Aveda Company believes that there is no another responsible alternative for doing business than through environmental sustainability. Other than environment sustainability, Aveda Company has incorporated other sustainable values into its business models such as focusing primarily on sustainable renewable energy, packaging, branding, and energy conservation efforts. Sustainable packaging involves the increase the use of life cycle portfolio and assessment that helps in the guiding use of packaging that leads to reduced ecological and environmental impacts (Ones and Dilchert, 2012).
Sustainability is integral to how Aveda performs its business and how they can innovate to meet the customers’ expectations. Packaging is one of the major parts of customer’s experience with the product (Jedlicka, 2009). Aveda is among the few companies that give priority to packaging. The company is the major consumer of PCR plastics that saves more than 1 million pounds per year. Through the company’s recycle cap campaign, it has recycled about 37 million of polypropylene (Desfossés et al. 2005). The campaign has helped Aveda in putting the recycle bins all over the areas as their products contain 80 percent of recycled materials. As early members of the viable packaging cosmetic roundtable, the company has encouraged the use of viable materials in packaging that promotes responsible production practice.
The Aveda’s style to packaging is to reduce the weight, size, and the process efforts of packaging as well as maximizing the use of eco-friendly materials. For example, the stress-Fix body lotion is packaged in 100 percent high-density polyethylene bottles. The move made the company to be honored with a certificate by Cradle to Cradle product innovation institute in 2014, with the Legacy Leaders award for its achievements in increasing the reusability of materials. Aveda was a third company to be issued with Cradle to Cradle certificate because of lifecycle product management plan that focuses in preserving the environment. Aveda is has the view to becoming an environmentally conscious brand that is sustained by the latest scientific knowledge (Desfossés et al. 2005).
Branding is also one of the sustainability strategies for Aveda. A brand consists of the ascertaining trademarks of a product of any company and all the meanings endowed in those trademarks by the company. A brand is a product of communication and, progressively, the relevant communication that comes from critics from the marketer’s customers. Consumers usually have a lot to speak about goods and services. Aveda is the brand for the Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
In its program, Aveda has managed to raise more than 32 million dollars in helping organizations that impact directly to environmental change. They also partnered with Global Green Grants Fund and Action for Women and Rural Development in funding new water systems which have helped in providing many unprivileged people across different countries and villages with safe drinking water (Jedlicka, 2009). To continue improving the company strategy in corporate responsibility in following the best practice, Aveda has engaged in an open dialogue with external investors around the global market in soliciting their response on the company’s sustainability performance. The engagement together with internal executive interview programs has made the company to improve its productivity and the sustainability performance.
The future of Aveda Company is still bright because of its involvement in the environmentally friendly activities. To continue trending at the top in the market share and environmental conservation, the company has done it, however; they need to improve their services. The company has to get much into digital shopping as many people are beginning to live online due to the improvement of technology. The act will change how customers perceive, try, purchase and select the products. The company will have to make in future online services a competitive advantage.
The company should also invest in travel retail because of extensive upgrades in airports and increased air travels. Since travelers always look at duty-free magazines while on airplanes, the company should make an attempt to catch their attentions by introducing more retail outlets in airports and increase their marketing on traveler sites and in the duty-free magazines. Since many of Aveda products are consumed within America, the company should also look into developing countries like those in Africa and Australia to increase their market share in the globe for beauty products. It should be met by constant steps in improving understanding the preferences of different countries.
Moreover, as the company is environmental conservative, they should have to come up with initiatives to reduce its volatile organic compounds and the particulate matter emissions during manufacturing. The company has to implement new technology to capture emissions in perfume filling facilities. In any given product in the market, having a counterfeit product is not evitable. How to combat the problem depends on the company initiative and its move in the market. The company needs to be committed in preventing the distribution and sales of fake products that are manufactured and branded illegally to mislead consumers. The company should continuously monitor its online activities and take down any unauthorized websites that sell counterfeit products. In doing so, they protect their product consumers from taking the illegal products that lack proper safety testing.
From the above argument, Aveda’s total commitment to operating with a clear effort on sustainability and environmental concern is evident in all that they do. It’s this green initiative combined with a customer base strategy that differentiates Aveda’s products and services making it be that set apart. Aveda, a great beauty company, is all about helping people to feel and look their best. As beauty is said it comes from inside, the beauty products from Aveda Company has that ability to bring out a person’s inner beauty together with preserving the natural beauty of the planet.

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