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Product Description
“Google Voice search” offers a platform for Google users to type their search from the internet by speaking while “Google home” helps families to use the internet by using a voice activated application making life simple. On the other hand, Google integrated the “Google assistant app” to keep pace with the Improving changes and the rapid innovation across the board. Products especially Google voice search, Google assistant (virtual) and Google home (physical) come with a prior preparation and research in accordance to the prevailing market and consumer needs. However, there are different ways in which Google can improve these products by improving voice recognition capabilities as well as integrating different languages into the system. Despite the minor productivity issues, “Google voice search” is the favorite product between the two.
Designing the Products
Step 1
I. Selecting one physical product in this case the Google home.
II. Selecting one product that is well designed which is in this case is Google assistant.
III. Selecting one online tool, this is the Google voice search.

The Through research, it has been established that consumer and retail hardware play an important role in Google’s success, whether in marketing, sales, retails or production manufacturers. Google supply chain offers end products, logistics and store operations- where the team has technology that is required to support the growing of business. The retail group also is operated by talented leaders that help execute and support operations for the continued success and growth. Whether transformational or re-engineering efforts, the improvement continues with assistance and collaboration with different supplies thus maintaining team’s execution effort. Google team has innovative ways to help and ensure output meets or exceeds expectations; by achieving the best quality for vendor operations. This article will be accessing some of different Google products.

Step 2: Structure
In improving the three Google products, the following questions and factors relating to the products should be addressed and put into consideration:
i) Users and goals
This is the most important factor that the change agent should consider in the improvement process. Issues to consider in this case are the type of users for each product, their specific goals and how this specific product helps them achieve those goals.
ii) Strengths of the said product
Factors to consider in this case are the pool of users available to the said products and the level of engagement per user.
iii) Challenges facing the above Google products should also be put into consideration in order to establish the weakness areas and features of the products that need improvement. Under this, factors as the level of challenge that a user may be exposed to when trying to use or sign up for the product should be a priority.
iv) Competitor, priorities and values
The above issues should be addressed in the sense that they are of undeniable importance to the whole improvement issue. The above addresses such issues as the company’s obsession and the strengths of the products in measure to the market competitors. It also helps in ascertaining why users are using the product instead of those of the competitor’s example Yahoo.

Step 3: the products and their Users
a) Google Assistant & Its users
Google assistant is the next announcement that Google has made that performs different kinds of tasks just as the interface do, but the assistant is through talking and conversation. With no name, it has Google power and has a lot of information and data in it. Several big hi-tech companies in the past years have launched assistant: Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Facebook’s M…all with distinct personalities (Battelle, 2005). That’s mainly because each has the personal and intelligent name that everyone can relate to, but none is capable as Google. Now there’s Google, which will cut the colors on its icon and help to soften the assistant new look and feeling.
Google Assistant is coming in two Google expressions-a new app for chatting called “Allo” and an audio called “Google Home”. Google Assistant in every app has been customized for every platform in it. The chat app gives simple big answers, with simple links. In the voice app, it gives you short to the point and connects you straight to home (Battelle, 2005). Google assistant also is enabled to understand different kinds of information in any given format it can give you suggestions of what you are trying to ask by taking actions.
Also, there’s Google search box, which helps to connect and communicate with Gmail or Calendar. Google is very good because it makes working with computers simple and enjoyable, with its natural capabilities by suggestions on what services you need and asking. The main goal of Google is to unveil a feature on Androids to know whatever is happening on your screen and to take action automatically. Google is trying to its level best to get into every Android operating system, to make sure every Android user has all the information they want in their pocket. You can tap, hold and Google will present cards because of the feature when you receive an email about movies.
b) Google Voice Search & its users
Google back in 2012 announced voice search as one of the technology in a sound of a language communication, which adopted from Deep Neural Networks (DNN). DNN replaced GMM (Gaussian Mixture Model) which was on the market for 30 years, DNN being the best for its way in accessing the sound a user is producing. With a better neural network, Google announced different kinds of models with extensions that are very effective and accurate; in the noisy environment, and also very fast. Different from the speech recognizer, Google had split into consecutive frames of milliseconds of audio. Each and every frame has its frequency content, to pass through the acoustic model as that of DNN that distributes sounds in the model. Pronunciation and Language Model are linked to give sound and word sequences to be recognized plus making the sentence user who is speaking. The voice app can be found on chrome or Google app which can do things such as get directions, search, set reminders etc. The company says it has better voice search its mobile apps, thanks to technique and the power of artificial intelligence. A lot of researchers and bloggers advised the company how to improve the app, including more accurate, speed, and clear voice recognition.
Google later have improved their acoustic models by using RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks) – which have loops in their topology, allowing them to be independent. The tricky of Google Voice search is how to make it happen in real time. Google managed after many consolations, to train how to direct, stream all the audio in larger conventional models. First, they had to reduce computations so as the sound can be recognized faster by adding reverberation and artificial noise to the data; making the recognizer reduce the noise.
c) Google Home and its users
Even in space, Google wants to be everywhere, but now close to homes. The internet search engine is planning a new service called, “home services markets”- by providing reviews, contacts, and web pages. Google will also provide communication with the providers directly, being and seen as part of competition with Amazon. Google invested $100 million in 2014 to a company called Thumbtack for home service. The web search giant is planning to make things much easier to find plumbers, handymen, etc for homeowners’ without leaving the search box.
Step 4: Product uses
These products have different uses. They are used din different spheres across the globe. Together with Amazon, however, the timing is similar with identical topics, but both giants are sticking with who knows best (Scott, 2008).
Google has already launched “Home services ads”, a simple program created in the beta format that returns answers and results when a user conducts a search.
The beta program currently works on certain criteria, and Google makes sure that they are professionals; with no criminal records and updated trade licenses. But the company doesn’t set or guarantee prices or services plus collecting money from customers.
Step 5: Current performances of the products
In the current market, the products are performing to the optimum. However, due to the competition created from different players, there is still a lot to be done by the developers. Google hasn’t given any price for a beta, saying the final price is flux. However, the service providers will only pay when willing customers click on an ad wanting to know more details. The local home product is extending Google’s Express Ad Words, is for small business, and pronged. People living in areas especially Bay area where a beta program is located are only who can access all its services, without leaving results page (Scott, 2008). The app does a lot other than providing the number and the name: users can contact the service provider directly who can later come. Both the provider of service and the customer can still arrange a deal without Google, providing direct communication that’s what makes Express Ad Words better than other ads (Sutherland, 2011).
Step: 6
The improvement process can now be wrapped up as finally over. This however should be done after ascertaining that all the relevant questions and factors regarding the aforementioned products. Review and analysis of the process should be done at this stage to establish whether the specific changes are material and reliable in accordance to the prevailing market needs and the company’s culture.

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