Human Rights: Participation in Elections

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Human rights
U.S up to today has a problem of voter participation. Taking part in election is a very crucial exercise and a fundamental public good and right. This creates a free and self-governing society. Denial of citizens’ right to vote means limited access to democracy hence lack of freedom for the incarcerated groups. Currently here are legislative reforms aiming at proactively enhancing and protection the rights of every citizen to take part in the election. Incarcerated communities reserved from low in-come and the communities of color. Since the overturn of the voting rights act of 1965 by U.S. Supreme Court, many states have contend for the implementation of U.S suppression of voter’s law. As a result, the disenfranchise of black voters was unwarranted (Thomas 24).
The legislative reforms aid in streamlining and expansion of voters registration process by enhancing citizens right to take part in elections. Elimination of the voters ID could facilitate the voting of immigrants, student and the formally incarcerated citizens who are excluded by the voters ID law. The state government to pass and enforce laws to expand the eligibility of the voters through complete enfranchisement of the incarcerated people. The law should also cover the voting of all undocumented citizens. The speculated reforms could pave way for a counterbalance against gap of suppression of voters’ efforts in America. Enhanced voters registration access has great impact on the electorate demographics (Thomas 37). The incarcerated groups, communities, Families and convicted groups train on how to register as voters and all the requirements to necessary for eligibility. This will enhance individuals’ opportunity to register and cast vote.

Work Cited
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