Island Without a King “Odyssey”

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Island without a King Summary

The gods are moved by the sufferings of Odysseus that they decide to ship him back to Ithaka after loading him with treasure. Athene specifically asked Zeus, her father and the king of the gods to be sympathetic with Odysseus and get him free. However, when Odysseus arrives, Athene decides to disguise him as Mentes, one of Odysseus’s family friend and beggar to help him cope with the situation. Athene also tries to save Telemachos and when he gets back, his father, Odysseus reveals his true identity to him. While still disguising himself as a beggar. Odysseus tries to convince Penelope that Odysseus would be home soon (in disguise) while trying to realize his loyal servants.

Penelope, Odysseus’s wife, is looking for a suitor. She would marry the man who won the physical prowess contest. All the suitors tried their lack to no efforts, until Odysseus’s turn. He magnificently stood up and dropped his disguise. With the help of his loyal servants, his son Telemachos and Athene, they murdered all the suitors who participated at the contest. Later, everything went to normal, and Odysseus reunited with his wife. However, the parents of the men who suffered the bloody manslaughter under Odysseus were furious at him.

Odysseus also reunited with Laertes, his father as he struggled to lay low following the violent nature of the parents who had lost their son, thanks to Odysseus. They were all in pursuit of vengeance. However, while everyone is anticipating violence in Ithaka, Athene appears and restores peace as she urged people to strive to get along with everyone. Everyone perceived the idea of getting along well as a great one, and thus the reason peace we restored in the region.

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