Mystic Falls Council for Senior Citizens

Mystic Falls Council for Senior Citizens
Executive summary
Elderly people constitute a significant fraction of the entire population. Also, they call for more specialized care and commitment of more resources if they have to enjoy their lives just like those in the productive age gaps. That gives Mystic Falls Council for Senior Citizens a primary objective which is to improve the lives of those in old age.
Mystic Falls Council for Senior Citizens is an organization that is focused on both improving the lives of the elderly Americans and preparing for the aging population in the community. Through an integrated network, the organization will ensure that all the senior citizens in Mystic Falls enjoy all the rights and privileges that an ordinary citizen is entitled to and make sure that they participate fully in the community work.
Mission statement
Mystic Falls Council for Elderly Citizens campaigns for the rights of all elderly people in the community to live with dignity by offering to them and their caregivers with information, support, and services that are necessary for enhancement of good health, a decent lifestyle, and independence.
To be a leading organization in addressing the needs of the senior citizens and the preferred advocacy group in Virginia.

Goals and objectives
Create awareness in matters relating to aging in Mystic Falls and the neighborhood.
At one moment in time, everybody will grow old. About that, the council will spearhead awareness programs in the community that will sensitize everybody, both the young and senior, to appreciate the aging process. With old age comes illnesses, psychological problems, and unproductivity that can cause a burden to the people around if not well planned for. Through seminars and media, the council will make everybody aware of the problem.
Educate the community on the need to take care of the elderly.
The council will not operate in isolation but hand in hand with the community members. Therefore, it will be important to make everyone know that taking care of the old is a virtue. Additionally, elderly people are in our families and not out there. The council will have a door-to-door program enlightening the family members on the need and how to take care of the old.
Bring closer the services that are mostly needed for the aged especially proper health care.
Aging is a challenging process not only to the old but also to the people around them. However, they need not be abandoned but to be assisted in what they need to make life comfortable and better. Mystic Falls Council for Elderly Citizens is committed to gathering resources and directing them to the old. In relation to that, health facilities and services rank the highest besides others like banking. It is the aim of the council to make sure that the elderly can access the services they need most from the comfort of their homes.

Create palliative care centers for the very old
In some cases where the old are living alone without a caregiver, the council will either provide one or adopt them in a palliative care center. Through this initiative, there will be a platform for the old to interact, participate in leisure activities together and create social ties with others and their caregivers. The degree of loneliness and desperation will be significantly reduced which will also reduce the death rates. Palliative care centers will also make it easier to monitor the health status of the members and conveniently avail medical practitioners to them when necessary.
Empower families to take care of their old and provide financial support where necessary.
It is the aim of the council to see that every senior citizen have a decent and a happy life irrespective of where they are. Therefore, whether in palliative care centers or their families, the council will reach each one of them. In the event that the families have difficulties in meeting the demands of their old, and they are not willing to send them in a caregiving center, the council will intervene and ease the cost burden. Moreover, the families will be advised on more effective ways of taking care of the old.
To partner with the government, private entities and other stakeholders to provide support services to the old in the vicinity.
To enhance the success of the council mission, we will join hands with the government, the private sector and people of goodwill to create a rich pool of required resources. Through that, the council will initiate diversified programs that will directly address the needs of the old. Moreover, the council secretary general will be writing to the federal government raising concerns on matters affecting the old such as health care and infrastructure. Besides funds, the council will also have a volunteer program where dedicated youth can have a chance to serve the old in charity.
The Council welcomes members to enroll voluntarily and free of charge. However, one must have attained the age of sixty years to be successfully enrolled in the program. Every member shall have a membership card that will help them to get the services free of charge from the organizations that have allied with our group. On production of the membership card, one can get free medical services from the hospital, be exempted from queuing at the bank among other benefits. Members are also free to leave the group at their will.
Mystic Falls Council for Senior Citizens is a nonprofit organization that is focused on improving the lives of elderly people. The benefits of this program are clearly outlined by the objectives discussed earlier but can be summarized as follows;
· Free medical care
· Subsidized palliative care centers
· Improving infrastructure in the areas of residence
· Availing support services such as banking to the old from their homes
· Providing intensive care to the highly dependent (the very old)
· Amplifying the voice of the old to the government.
· Safeguarding the rights of the old such as voting rights.

Final word
The chairperson, board members and stakeholders of Mystic Falls Council for Senior Citizens form a powerful team that is committed and dedicated fully to serving the old. The pioneers of the council are above sixty-five years and thus understand fully the needs of persons in that age bracket. We guarantee all the potential participants of this group that their lives will be better, and their voices will be heard. Our current members are a testimony, and it is our goal to expand our fraternity. Let us join hands in making this world a better place not only for the productive citizen but also to our elderly people.

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