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Cultural Family Background of My Family

Running Head: CULTURAL FAMILY BACKGROUND 1 CULTURAL FAMILY BACKGROUND 8 Cultural Family Background Student’s Name Professor’s Name Institution Course Date Abstract The paper explains my cultural family background in the context of race, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. The paper will also expound about my family background whereby my mother is an Indian, and my father is an African-American. However, much of this paper is about my family cultural background and the impacts it has on us as a family, both professionally and personally. The paper will also...
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Marxist-Feminist Theory in Action

Surname 4 Name Professor Course Date Introduction Marxist Feminist theory Feminism is a social concerned with women’s rights, aiming to point out and condemn their suffrage. It believes that men hold all positions of power and authority. Feminism believes that in a patriarchal world, women have no rights or powers .This Marxist feminism focuses on the dismantling about capitalism aiming to liberate women in the society (MacKinnon, p.600).Marxist feminism it shows that economic inequality, political confusion having dependence, ultimately unhealthy social relations between women and men are the root of...
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Mystic Falls Council for Senior Citizens

Name: Mystic Falls Council for Senior Citizens Executive summary Elderly people constitute a significant fraction of the entire population. Also, they call for more specialized care and commitment of more resources if they have to enjoy their lives just like those in the productive age gaps. That gives Mystic Falls Council for Senior Citizens a primary objective which is to improve the lives of those in old age. Mystic Falls Council for Senior Citizens is an organization that is focused on both improving the lives of the elderly Americans and...
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“Wall Street” Is a 1987 Cinematic Drama Directed by Oliver Stone

Running Head: WALL STREET FILM 1987 1 WALL STREET FILM 1987 5 Wall Street film 1987 Name Professor Institution Course Date The American economy had for a long time dependent on the progress of the Wall Street. From the infamous Great Depression, the US economy had grown fairly well courtesy of increased industrial production and reduced trading activities in other industrial powers that were destroyed by the World Wars. However, the situation took a negative shift when the spending habits of the consumers changed. On top of that, when the...
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Reclassification of the Deviant Act in Sociology

Running head: RECLASSIFICATION OF A DEVIANT ACT RECLASSIFICATION OF A DEVIANT ACT 2 Reclassification Name Institution Professor Course Date Deviance in sociology is illustrated as conduct which is rule breaking in a given society. Norms are laws as well as expectations which guide the members in a community and deviance is therefore nonexistence of conformity to such standards. Different cultures have different social norms, and behavior could be deviant in one society and non-deviant in another. Deviance being regarded as contravening of social standards has been characterized by psychologists as...
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What You Need to Know About the Wells Fargo Fiasco?

Surname 2 Name Professor Course Date Application group discussion On reading “Painted as EpiPen Villain, Mylan’s Chief Says She’s No Such Thing” which is one of the leading public healthcare utility offering a new pharmaceutical villain. In Karl Marx theory we can suggest that there is unequal consideration in the use of the lifesaving drug. Social theory can be applied in this article by making us understand the structure of the company. The low class is not considered when decisions concerning the rising of the prices of the drug is...
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The Concept of Death and the Process of Dying

Running head: DEATH AND DYING 1 DEATH AND DYING 13 Death and Dying Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction If there is anything certain in this life, then it must be death. Most people die in ways that are total out of their control and others do not even know that they are dying. This has created a variance about how people think about death and the process of dying. The understanding of the concept of death and the dying process has been credited as one of the ways they...
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Double Standards Behind the Perspectives of Men and Women

Surname 6 Name Tutor Course Date Double standards behind the perspectives of men and women Introduction In the modern day world, the issue of double standards has been widely applied. In broad terms, the principle of double standards refers to cases where a rule is unfairly applied. This means that this rules are applied on different magnitudes to different people. The application of this standards range from the factors of one being a male or female (Nagel 308). This has become an issue of concern in today’s society as many...
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Race and Gender Inequality in the World

Surname 1 Name Institution Course Date Race and gender inequality Gender Gender is the range of characteristics between masculinity and femininity which may include gender identity, biological sex or social structures such as gender roles. Some cultures have distinct gender roles of female and male. In some areas of social sciences, gender includes sex or replaces it (Acker 441). Many cultures have different beliefs and norms based on gender. Gender roles are always centered on conceptions of masculinity and femininity even though there are variations and exceptions. Society expects people...
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Analysis of an Article by Kavita Ilona Nayar on Gender Issues

Running Head: ARTICLE ANALYSIS 1 ARTICLE ANALYSIS 2 Article analysis Name Professor Institution Course Date Article Analysis The article, You Did(n’t) Build That: Audience Reception of a Reality Television Star’s Transformation from a Real Housewife to a Real Brand by Kavita Ilona Nayar seeks to address issues and concerns concerning the erratic treatment of gendered concerns of self-branding both in media and culture (Nayar, 2015). Nayar explores a variety of ways in which the audience (particularly women) has received the transformation of reality television personalities. She bases her arguments on...
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