NCAA Division Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS)

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Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS)
The FBS is NCAA designation that is awarded annually by various organizations to their best-selected teams and players. In addition, the FBS is the only sport in the NCAA that the NCAA does not sanction an annual championship event. The NCAA championship is divided into various categories such as the FBS schools and the FCS schools in which each category play against each other (Dayton 5). The FBS playoff was formally referred as Division I-A, and it makes the top level college football.
From a managerial point of view, FBS playoff is necessary because of a number of reasons. To begin with, it allows for elimination of weak teams in the league. It provides managers with a criterion of determination of the best teams that are worth remaining in the league. Only the stronger and qualified teams are allowed to proceed to the next level. It makes managers go an extra mile in training their teams hence improve their competitiveness.
Through playoffs, managers are able to create conformity with the major sports. Each and every sport needs to conform to the globally allowed standards. It is therefore necessary for managers to make sure that playoffs are present and do fit the global standards. This ensures that the sport is both entertaining and has a global acceptance. In addition, it provides managers with an opportunity to nurture talents. Since the weaker teams are eliminated, the players increase their competitiveness thereby revealing their talents to the maximum ( 2015).
The possibilities of getting an injury increase with the increase in the number of games played. When good and dependable players get injured, the coordination of the team members is likely to be lost. When university and college students are injured, they are likely to miss playing in future games. They take time off to seek medication and heal. They, therefore, miss their lectures and are at the same time unable to participate in the sport. Injured players are more likely to suffer psychologically from missing from the game.

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