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Project Management
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Project Management
Based on Regency Plaza case study, Kris Hodgkin, the project manager was tasked to build as well as design a 300 hotel rooms and 96 luxury condominiums. The entire project was facing budget as well as time issues accompanied by contractors who were not capable of offering good service hence delaying the work. All through the design process, managing marketing, managing construction, and in the present situation, Regency Plaza project group had to face several problems whereby they took actions to avert them in the best manner possible. The actions they took all through the entire project are elaborated below.

The design process

The project manager, Kris Hodgkins had been hired for condominium development of Regency Plaza Hotel when the project was almost completed. In the design process of the condominiums, the Regency, the vocal neighborhood groups, and the Boston Redevelopment Authority were involved. The initial challenge faced by Hodgkins was the size, number, and type of condominium units that he could provide to the willing buyers. There were several opinions regarding the number units to be build whereby Farley suggested they should be 72 units while KDS’s idea was they should be 96 units. The project manager decided to build 96 units that could generate more profit.

Managing construction

In the year 2005, Kelly awarded the construction work to a few subcontractors because of the augmented workload. To validate the contract, the project team required subcontractors to generate a floor plan depicting all the required things and completion time of the contract. All the drawing work was to be reviewed by the prime contractor to gain support by architects to acquire the final approval whereby the entire cycle took almost a month.

Managing marketing

The project manager used a comprehensive marketing as well as service program to introduce condominiums to the clients. She was committed to a high level of customer service plus the strategy was to modify condominiums according to the buyer’s interest. Hodgkins did not expect immense changes that could disrupt other condominium owners and the guests whereby he hoped that customers would change their condominiums once they purchase after completion of the building. Therefore, he did not begin discussions concerning the modification with buyers by thinking that changes would be cut off.

The present situation

The process of the project became slow because of

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