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In the resume, the things included comprised of the name and contact information, career objective, summary, work experience, skills and software experience and the education background.
The main reason for including the name and contact information is to facilitate communication with the prospective employer. Since through this, one can be contacted in order to attend things such as interviews. The work experience was deemed necessary since the world of today is characterized by a job market that is fast paced and competitive. The employers have little time trying to figure out exactly what you can do for them. They usually receive many applications and as they flip through they are looking for the best candidate to do the job from the pile. Hence stating your experience in the resume and ensuring that the necessary qualifications are also communicated to the potential employer regarding the position one is requesting to be employed is greatly instrumental and beneficial. For this resume, the experience included currently working as Personnel’s craftsman at the United states Air Force reserves, Beale AFB, California.
Additionally the objective utilized was specific and mentioned the type of job that was being pursued and the name of the company “Administrative Assistant at Helix Electric”. The objective has the benefit of illustrating to the potential employer what exactly you are applying for. The summary was also utilized; the summary in resumes usually enables one to explain to the potential employer exactly who they are. These include supporting skills, core strengths and the value that one brings to the table. For this resume, it clearly stated qualities of being highly efficient and organized in environments that are fast passed and require multitasking. Additionally it informed of the ability to effectively prioritize and ensure that objectives are accomplished with humor, creativity and enthusiasm.

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