The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Reaction News

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Dear editor;
Re: The Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb reaction news
I am writing this letter on August 6, 1945, in Japan, a date that will forever remain in the minds of many. Japanese population will always keep this day to commemorate more than a hundred and forty thousands of the fellow Japanese who lost their lives in just a single day. Thousands of them were to die consequently due to the effect of the atomic bomb. The world marks this day as the day that brought the world at peace marking the end of the world war two when the United States forced Japan to surrender. The U.S remembers that day, a day when the world knew the strength of the country and success of its military technology. This very day will be long remembered both in a sense of accomplishment and massive destruction of the human lives.
The Japanese military attack on the Pearl harbour was a move that the American did not receive very well. Japan was making war with the Soviets who had defeated Germany during winter. The Japanese were depicted to be making enemies instead of friends and all over the social media they were made to look like a cursed race that was inhumane and inconsiderate. The brutality of the Pacific War did not auger well with other nation; instead, Japan did not hesitate to attack the U.S ships making Harry Truman angry and consequently ordered the drop of the atomic bomb regarding Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
When the news hit the headlines of every media, my heart sunk. I never have at any point thought that any country would go to such kind of levels, not even America. The long silence and lack of involvement in the world war mean that America did participate passively. It had kept a low profile so that it could prepare for any in-eventuality the war took a different course. America was making attacks which were successful leaving a score of Japanese and their allies dead. When the opportune time presented itself, America struck in full force and didn’t give enough time for the majority all Over the world to contemplate on the issue. The president ordered another bomb be dropped which brought the Japanese to their knees.
Two cities have been destroyed to the ground. Seventy thousand men women and children have been killed both in Hiroshima and seventy thousand more in Nagasaki making Japan surrender on the second of September 1945. This shows that the American government is such inhuman that it would stop at nothing to safeguard the interest of its people. This shows that Harry Truman had been preparing this weapon with his scientists from the time he got into office.
My proposal is there be established a system in which the activities of each and every nation is checked. The system should be in such a way that all countries are a signatory so that no state can violate the regulation that has been put across. Failure to which any state can do anything to another that it feels is a threat to its interest. Usually, these are groups of people act on behalf of the country sometimes led by their selfish interests.
America from my point of view is not justified to do what they have just done. This is a violation of the right to live of the people that died. During a war the people especially, the soldiers are the ones that ought to be targeted. The cities that have been destroyed were no a hideout for the Japanese soldiers but ordinary Japanese men women and children. The children who have nothing to do with the war were killed in the incident. The people without reason participated in the whatsoever have been murdered together regardless of their view toward the war.
I don’t think that these bombing are any reason that America should be proud of. There were, of course, other less detrimental ways that could have been used against Japanese regime to see into it that it stopped its aggravating activities. Britain and America were having won the war with Germany under Hitler making commit suicide show that there were methods that could make Japan surrender instead of using the atomic bomb.
Am happy and, of course, everyone is glad that the war has come to an end, at last, it is the high time that the people embark on rebuilding what has been destroyed. People should come up together to see into it that a solution to the cause of the war has been scrutinized and worked upon to prevent the emergence of another war. The people should embark on peacekeeping missions and encourage the nations that colonized others to grant them freedom.
Despite the war ending, people might want to praise the atomic bomb. It might be viewed that these destructive weapons can be used against enemies. Chances are nations are going to embark on extensive research and construction of such weapons so that they can be used in such cases. The result is likely to be the discovery of more deadly weapon than the atomic bombs. There is a likelihood that tension will escalate as the various government try to outdo each other in term of military might. The discovery of the atomic bombs is more likely to bring more bad than good.
Kind regards;
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