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American History and Everything Connected With It

Username 1 American History Name Professor Course Date The history of America remains to be a subject of debate in many historians. It is perceived in two ways where some historians record it to have started with arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492 hence stress on the background of European. On the other hand, the historians record that it starts around 1600 while emphasizing the American frontier. A few decades ago, American schools as well as universities have actually shifted back in time so as to include a lot on...
American History
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The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Reaction News

SURNAME: 1 SURNAME: 3 Student name: Tutor: Course: Date: Dear editor; Re: The Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb reaction news I am writing this letter on August 6, 1945, in Japan, a date that will forever remain in the minds of many. Japanese population will always keep this day to commemorate more than a hundred and forty thousands of the fellow Japanese who lost their lives in just a single day. Thousands of them were to die consequently due to the effect of the atomic bomb. The world marks this...
American History
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The Film “Saving Private Ryan”

Saving Private Ryan Name Course Date The Film “Saving Private Ryan” The Actual Events and Time for Production The film “Saving Private Ryan” was produced in the year 1998 as an American epic drama film by Ian Bryce, Mark Gordon, Gary Levisohn, and Steven Spielberg in the cast. The film represents the Invasion of Normandy, France in the Second World War. Since its production the film has been notable for its graphics and actual representation of war. At the same time, the film is notable for its history accuracy and...
American History
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“The Great Gatsby” by Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald Fitzgerald’s work represents the dishonesty in the American Dream. Bad behavior, superficiality, and immorality are characteristics of a superior class in the book. Characters in the novel question the ambition to be of superior class, have fun and own a lot indirectly with the exception of Nick though partially (Malkmes 50). Gatsby is a representation of fraud in American Dream. He manages to acquire great wealth which is part of the “dream” although he becomes corrupt despite wealthy. It is ironical that he does not...
American History
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Holy Bible From the Book of Matthew

The origin of this document is the holy bible from the book of Mathew. Matthew was tax collector-who was turned to be an apostle, highlights Jesus’ deeds and teachings to show us how God intends us to live and work in his new kingdom. As followers of Jesus Christ, we live in two worlds. We stand with one foot in the human world, where our work may be subject to unspoken expectations that may or not be in accordance with God’s ways. At the same time, as Christians we are...
American History
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“Eleanor Roosevelt” by William Youngs

Surname 6 Name Tutor: Subject: Date: Eleanor Roosevelt by William Youngs Introduction Eleanor Roosevelt is viewed as an important figure in the current stability of the Civil Religion today. She participated in promoting Civil Religion in America and across the world. As a result of her early experience in life, Eleanor Roosevelt was able to establish a better life in which she was an activist and an advocate for human rights. Eleanor Roosevelt’s life provided a meaning of life to many people in different parts of the world. She participated...
American History
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Civil War: The Struggle Continues

Running head: CIVIL WAR 1 CONNECTIONLESS PROTOCOL 3 CIVIL WAR Name Professor Institution Course Date The Struggle Continues. Lyrics by Lupe Fiasco To the tune of “The show goes on” by Lupe Fiasco Topic: The American Dream (Chorus x2:) It is oh right, oh ready, the struggle goes on All throughout the night, All throughout the day, American dream lives on Recall when you wake up again, the struggle continues. (verse 1) Ever had the feeling that you have always had, That kind of nonsense drives you crazy, You’ve always...
American History
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American History: Government of James Monroe

1 RUNNING HEAD: American History American History 4 American History Name Institution Professor Course Date The era of good feeling marked the political history of the America. It was during this era that the United States reflected on the sense of national peace and coexistence in the entire nation. This was after the end of the Napoleonic war. Therefore this paper is going to discuss if indeed the era deserved to be called an era of good feeling in the United States political history. First of all during this era,...
American History
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History of America: Dramatic Revolution

History of America Hello, I agree with you that the American Revolution also known as the United States War of Independence between 1775 and 1783 was the most dramatic revolution with significant consequences. For more than ten years prior to the outburst of the revolution, tensions had been raising between British authorities and the colonists. Government attempts to raise revenue by imposing taxes were met with protests among colonialists who fought against not being represented in the parliament and agitated for equal rights as their fellow subjects of the British...
American History
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Religion and Reform: Religious Movement

Surname 3 Name Course Instructor Date Religion and Reform The early century was a period of tremendous changes in the history of America. A succession of religious revivals was known as the second Great Awakening sharpened the nation’s religious landscape. The preachers traveled far away from sharing the message of spiritual and moral renewal to many. The residents of both urban and rural centers like the religious revivals where intense physical and emotional which is accompanied by Christian conversion. The improvements provided a unifying moral plan and a new sense...
American History
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