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The era of good feeling marked the political history of the America. It was during this era that the United States reflected on the sense of national peace and coexistence in the entire nation. This was after the end of the Napoleonic war. Therefore this paper is going to discuss if indeed the era deserved to be called an era of good feeling in the United States political history.
First of all during this era, the Federal party collapsed and its disputes with the Republican Party was brought to an end hence a peaceful coexistence. The Democratic Party then started to dominate the era hence enjoying a peaceful political dominance during the time. ThenPresident James Monroe strove to make affiliations in making nomination with the aim of national unity (Kehl, 1954). The era also is known to be of good feeling due to existence of only one political party during the time (the Republican). Also it is known that during this era in 1820, President Monroe was the last president to be elected without being opposed. He received all votes but one, which went to his opponent.
It is also believed that James Monroe Government came up with sound economic policies which affected the entire country economic progress positively (Bell, 2011).The period is mainly associated with Monroe presidency and it was between the years 1817-1825.Therefore the era is believed to have started in 1815.Therefore it is also believed that the Monroe Government strived a lot to fight against monarchy that had earlier been initiated by the federal Government. The government also achieved togetherness by allowing people from the earlier federal party to join the Republican Party despite their earlier political differences. This way they achieved unity and consensus.
It is believed that it was during this era of Monroe being the president of united state that the political admirationimproved. The government performance in serving its citizen was on the rise (Kehl, 1954).Formal way of doing things improved, formal dressing was encouraged by Monroe especially in his political rallies where he acted as an example hence creating goodwill. The justice system in the country during the era had started to show a positive deviation from the earlier federal Government. The transport and communication system improved, poverty declined and the general population in the country was on increase.
However as much as this period was termed as a period of good feeling it had its own shortcomings. The Monroe government during that time was not actually well developed and there were a lot of inefficiencies in performances. There were also a lot of tedious procedures before implementation of the Government policies. Corruption was also believed to be a bit higher compared to the current system of Government because previously there was less accountability in the stakeholders’ performance (Bell, 2011).
The irony of good feeling is that it was during this period that the political system was actually divisive. This was shown in the divisions between the Monroe factions and the Republican Party (Kehl, 1954).Monroe factsand proposals were not always taken in unison by the existing political system. There was a lot of resistance within the party members on most crucial issues.
In conclusion, as much as the post war period of 1812 had its shortcomings in the Monroe Government, it still remain the era of good feeling because there were more development and peaceful national wide coexistence that emanated after the war.


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