History of America: Dramatic Revolution

History of America
I agree with you that the American Revolution also known as the United States War of Independence between 1775 and 1783 was the most dramatic revolution with significant consequences. For more than ten years prior to the outburst of the revolution, tensions had been raising between British authorities and the colonists. Government attempts to raise revenue by imposing taxes were met with protests among colonialists who fought against not being represented in the parliament and agitated for equal rights as their fellow subjects of the British masters . The clash arose from the growing tensions between the citizens of the 13 colonies of North America and the colonial government representing the British crown.
Conflicts between colonial militiamen and the British troops in Concord and Lexington in April 1775 sparked off the armed conflict. In the subsequent summer, the American rebels were fighting a whole scale war for their sovereignty. The French entrance into the American Revolution on the side of colonialists in 1778, what had been a civil war turned into an international conflict. With the assistance of the French, the British were defeated in Yorktown in 1781. The citizens of America had already won their independence but fighting went on until 1783.
The resistance by colonialists led to outbreak of violence when British army shot to death five men in the Boston Massacre. After the violence, a group of delegates of the colonialists met in Philadelphia to present their grievances to the British. The initial Continental Congress failed to achieve much in the quest for independence but it did denounce taxation without being represented together with maintenance of British soldiers in the colonized countries without their consent. There was also issuance of declaration of the rights of every citizen inculcating liberty, assembly, life and trial by jury.

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