Flag Burning: Why It Should Not Be Permitted

Published 24 May 2017

Countries have their own way of protecting their inhabitants. These come in different forms and approaches, some being in the form of rules and stipulations. However, not everyone would agree with the stipulations and rules set by the government. One of the stipulations set by the United States government is the prohibition of flag burning.

Flag burning is defined as the vandalism of a country’s national flag. As known by many, the flag is considered to be the symbol of any country (Phil for Humanity, 2008). Flag burning is considered to be statement of people who oppose the government or its ways. Although this may be the case for many, there are still some who practice such. This may be attributed to the fact that burning the flag is a way for people to express themselves. However, certain limits should be implemented so that nothing or no one is offended. For this, I believe that flag burning should not be allowed in the United States.

As mentioned earlier, flag burning is used by the people to express their thoughts and emotions. However, these should not go beyond what is right. Desecration of the flag is not something that would happen every day. The truth of the matter is the fact that desecration is a sign of protest regarding a specific issue.

Furthermore, flags are also used the national symbol of a country, especially in international relations. The public burning of a flag shows disrespect to the country, and to its government. Intentionally burning the flag would also mean that an individual or group of people do not accept the norms that are being addressed to the public.

Regardless of this, people should learn to pay homage and respect to one’s culture. The flag is also a part of any country’s culture and should be given the necessary respect. Burning of the flag would show disrespect and dishonor to the country.

Moreover, the flag should not be regarded as just a symbol of one’s culture. The flag is a reflection of the people and the kind of life they live in their country. It is also a matter of pride and justice, and what could make the people whole. Flags may be considered to be symbolisms of the life people from different nations would have, but these may be attributed to something much more.

The article, Flag Burning, focused on the realities that happen to countries worldwide. The article was an informative essay that focused on specific details about flag burning. Upon reading the essay, the knowledge of people would be widened, and their opinions greatly improved. In addition to this, their opinion would be opened to greater possibilities, making them see things differently.

Aside from purposely informing the readers about the said issue, the article also aims to persuade the readers into prohibiting and avoiding flag burning among its citizens. In addition to this, the paper was able to show the readers a possible effect desecration may have on the lives of people, especially the children. At such a young age, their eyes are opened to the realities of life. The children should be taught the right values, especially in respecting the dignity of the people, and of their culture.

Furthermore, Flag Burning was an article that showed the effects of desecrating the flag. The people are also persuaded into believing that disrespect for the flag through burning is not something to be practiced by people

Also, such act is not the best thing to do. As people who have respect for each other, we should learn to give others what is due them. Irrespective of how hurt an individual or groups of people are, it is not proper to degrade a country’s dignity.

Furthermore, the article was also focused in making the readers see how such a small deed would eventually lead to something bigger. In addition to this, the tone of the article was persuasive. Upon reading, the readers would be interested to hear more about the said topic, after their thoughts are captured. Mentioning specific instances that happened in the past were also helpful in making the topic more interesting. The readers are also able to identify with what is being explained in the essay by remembering their own personal experiences.


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