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Published 05 Oct 2017

I am concerned about the environmental problem which confronts Wisconsin’s lakes and waterways particularly the rising level of mercury dumped by coal-fired power plants. An undated article in Small Business warns about the high level of mercury found in walleye, a popular Wisconsin gaming fish. A state-wide environmental organization, Wisconsin Environment has also reported that mercury is on the rise in Wisconsin’s lakes and this has detrimental effects to our fishes and poses great danger to public’s lives with the children at the heightened risk. I am always concerned about wanton disregard of the people to environment because nature always has an answer against this practice and always this answer claims damage to lives and properties.

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The problem should be addressed at all levels of government because environment problem is everybody’s concern. The government has given a directive to Department of Natural Resources to issue a mandate on the reduction of the mercury waste of power plants but until now this mandate is being disregarded. I choose the State level because I know that the Governor has more direct contact with his constituents so he can implements stricter laws in the preservation of the environment and he can exert influence on the state legislature to draft laws on this matter which can expedite the meeting of its target of reduction of mercury waste on waterways by ninety percent.

Being aware of the effects of environmental abuse is the first step in creating a more environment-friendly environment. There are lots of organizations which encourages groups and individuals to become environmentally aware. Clean Wisconsin, formerly Wisconsin’s Environmental Decade is an organization which shares my views on the pollution of Wisconsin’s lakes and waterways. The organization believes that the government is doing its part in saving the environment but there will always be lobbyists for big oil, dirty coal and other polluting industries who are constantly pushing the elected officials and decision makers to weaken of opposing the environmental legislation. Clean Wisconsin aims to inform and encourages the people to be involved in the campaign for cleaner Wisconsin. The organization’s website address is http://www.cleanwisconsin.org and any well-meaning citizen can join as a member of the organization. Another way of taking action with Clean Wisconsin is through giving of donations for its many endeavors. Citizens are also encouraged by the organization to inform their elected officials and decisions through emails or any other means of communications to make a stand on environmental issues. A few simple clicks on the mouse through using Goodsearch.com, a search engine, can also financially help the organization because Goodsearch.com is donating half of its revenue to charities and other advocacy groups.

Channel 3000.com covers the issue and so did Journal Sentinel. In an investigative report of Channel3000.com, it stated that rising mercury level in the lakes posed a grave danger not only to the public but also to the anglers and tourism industry. Journal Sentinel also made news coverage on the danger of the rise in mercury level so this only means that the issue needs a more serious action.

The Honorable Jim Doyle
State of Wisconsin
State Capitol, Room 115 East
Madison, WI 53702

Dear Governor Doyle:

First of all, I would like to thank you for your efforts in supporting environmental protection policies like the Wisconsin Clean Transportation Program which aims to achieve significant reductions in fuel and emissions in the state by supporting the increased use of alternative-fuel vehicles and advanced technology vehicles – and the installation of the infrastructure necessary to directly support these new vehicles and the No Child Left Inside Coalition which envisions to educate all children in Wisconsin about the importance of environmental education which can lead to the preservation of Wisconsin’s natural wonders and to the reduction of the dreadful effects of climate change which is primarily cause by man’s wanton disregard for nature. Being a college student in one of Wisconsin’s prestigious universities, I join your crusade for a cleaner, greener and more beautiful Wisconsin.

I would like to bring to your attention another environmental problem which confronts the citizens of Wisconsin and this is the rising level of mercury in our lakes that kills our fishes and threatens the life of our citizens. Power plants are the primary perpetrator of this environmental problem and the state government should take a careful look at this issue. Seventeen (17) coal-powered plants dump their mercury waste in the lakes and even if there is technology available to reduce mercury pollution by ninety percent, these utilities are fighting to make sure that they won’t have to clean up their act for another decade, as reported by Wisconsin Environment, a state-wide environmental advocacy organization, in their recent newsletters published in website www.eeinwisconsin.com.

In the summer of 2006, you have already issued a directive to the Department of Natural Resources to reduce mercury pollution from coal-fired plants by 90 percent but until this time the goal is still not met and coal plant management and owners are still resisting all efforts to rein their mercury pollution. Mercury is a very serious threat to our lakes inhabitants and will surely damage our residents’ health particularly to the children because even low doses of mercury can cause irreparable damage to the developing central nervous system. What is even more alarming is the fact that one in every eight Wisconsin women has sufficient levels of mercury in her blood to put an unborn child at risk. This problem also poses threat to angling and tourism business brought about by the killing of our fishes.

Governor Doyle, may I ask you once again to please spearhead the campaign against this environmental abuse on our lakes and water sources. A clear state policy should be mandated on lowering mercury waste on our waterways and have it implemented immediately. Making our lakes and waterways mercury-free will always be a dream for us but making a strong stand on this issue is a step towards an environment-friendly and healthy Wisconsin.

Very truly yours,

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