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Published 21 Feb 2017

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Events of all types are produced every day for all manner of purposes, attracting all sorts of people. Creating and managing the environment, in which these people will gather carries with it awesome responsibilities, legal, ethical, and financial. To provide a safe and secure setting and to operate in a manner that ensures the hosting organizations or individuals achieve their objectives in a proper and profitable way, event risk management must be fully integrated into all event plans and throughout the event management process (Silvers, 2007). The 2012 Democratic National Convention is a good opportunity for the DLPSZ Security Firm to provide effective event risk management. Our firm engages in identifying, managing, and responding to risks. Our proposal will demonstrate the social responsibility that our firm will take in providing security to the public and candidates, an explanation of future trends in risk management and our plan to control them, and a scenario plan.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a voluntary assumed obligation toward the good of a larger social unit as opposed to the self alone (Social Responsibility). The DLPSZ Security Firm recognizes this responsibility would request the council for the City of New York to allow our firm to provide the security for the Democratic National Convention, the DNC. Our security firm has been in business for several years. Our firm has dedicated 15 years of service to providing quality security for large corporations as well as multiple smaller organizations.

Our firm is locally owned and operated, giving a portion of our services back to the community. Background checks and references are verified on all potential employees. All applicants must submit to a lie detector test and qualify to be firearms certified. A minimum of an associate’s degree with two years experience is required. A minimum of five years experience may be accepted with firearms certification.

Our firm experiences have included large corporations such as the Microsoft Convention and smaller, less formal events. Our firm provides no prejudice on whom and what type of customer we serve. Our dedication and thorough knowledge of our business, enables us to provide the highest quality service at a reasonable cost. Our obligation and responsibility is the protection of the public.

The success of our firm is dependent upon our methods in conducting business. Honesty, integrity and hard work are the heart and sole of our organization. Our security firm has a response time rated at one of the highest in overall speed and efficiency. Our emergency response time is rated one of the overall highest in our field. All of our work is 100% guaranteed.

It would be an honor and our pleasure if the council would consider allowing our company to oversee the security for the Democratic National Convention.

In consideration of social responsibility, our proposal would include but not limited to:

(1)Our firm will provide continuous security for the entire function.
(2) All security personnel will be casually dressed, blending in with the crowd.
(3) Weapons will not be visible to the public.
(4) Atmosphere will be family oriented.
(5) The entrance and exits to the function would require participates to be scanned by metal detectors. This would eliminate the possibility of any weapons or contraband from entering the premises.
(6)The entrance to the function would require participates to be scanned by metal detectors. This would eliminate the possibility of any weapons or contraband from entering the premises.
(7)All exit and entrances will be clearly marked and appropriate security personnel will be monitoring all locations.
(8) It will be our responsibility to keep all areas free of possible hazards and harm to the public.
(9) Constant attention will be given to the safety of all participants from environmental and physical mishaps (Chavez, Tenon, & Knap, 2004).

Future Trends in Risk Management

As the firm chosen to provide security for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, members of the security staff are aware of the possible future trends that may affect risk management. Risk management refers to the attempt to solve or minimize a problem before it occurs (Tarlow, 2002). Although, it is impossible to predict the future, future trends are dependent upon past trends therefore, our company will view past security measures to modify them in order to bring them current. Trends in risk management inclusive of increased violence and crowd control are a couple of the firm’s main focuses.
Increased Violence

As the economy takes a turn for the worse, there is an expectation of violence to increase due to economic instability. There are many causes of economic instability, many of which concerned citizens feel presidential candidates are at liberty to control, such as oil prices and job availability. The frustrations of some members of the crowd may be taken out on the presidential candidates (Scalet, 2004). Economic instability may increase crime rates and crime may be drawn to the convention.

Crowd Control

Prior to September 11, 2001, many risk managers were not faced with the issue of terrorism. In the post World Trade Center, the threat of terrorism from bombs, nuclear attacks, and biochemical weapons, is a reality. Therefore, many risk managers are not only faces with standardized crowd control issues but they are also faced with individuals who believe that killing is for the purpose of making a political statement (Tarlow, 2002). At the Democratic National Convention, many individuals of different races, religious backgrounds, economic status and social backgrounds will be in attendance. The control of the crowd depends on the number of security members observing the crowd.

Managing and Responding to Risks

In identifying the future trends in risks, our firm has developed a plan to manage and respond to the risks that could potentially harm the candidates. Our firm has hired extra security that will be placed in the following areas parking lots and the crowd. Members of the security staff will be in the crowd and will be in charge of journalists, who are anxious to get photos of the candidates. Communication is also key within our firm. In having good communication, security members are assured that all members are in the designated places at the designated times. Our firm is fully aware of the severity involved if issues arise during the convention therefore; our firm is capable of teamwork and keeping constant communication if any changes occur.

With the assistance of the New York Police Department, traffic will be directed by members of the police force. In consideration to September 11, the FBI will be contacted concerning the identification of any terrorist who may be a threat to the convention. Prior to the Convention and throughout the Convention, police officers and police dogs will consistently patrol the arena on the inside as well as outside, to assure the safety of the candidates.
In addition, our firm will work closely with the Secret Service and the FBI to provide protection that our firm is unable to provide. Members of the FBI will also observe the crowd for any suspicious activity. Our firm understands the responsibility involved in securing the candidates and is certain that our firm is able to provide safety to the public and the candidates.

Scenario-Based Thinking

Our security firm incorporates state of the art risk mitigation techniques in conducting adaptive, threat analysis and mitigation planning and response. Part of this threat planning analysis involves scenario-based measures, allowing our security professionals to integrate intelligence collection and liaison efforts, enabling futures-based threat planning environment with predictive analysis.
In conducting scenario thinking approaches to our security efforts, our firm seeks to identify both the uncertainties which exist in the multi-threat environment, allowing total available resources to communicate in threat response, and resource allocation and direction.

Threat Environment Analysis

According to commonly accepted doctrine on obtaining situational awareness of a potential threat environment and identifying knowledge threats, our firm applies the S.T.E.E.P. (Social, Technological, Economic, Ecological, Political) Analysis method to obtain baseline knowledge of the Democratic National Convention threat environment and identified information gaps (Van Der Heijden, Bradfield, Burt, Cairns, & Wright, 2002).
In applying the S.T.E.E.P. Analysis to our DNC pre-security project bid analysis, our teams of security experts have identified obvious social factors of the increased violence and crown control challenges which accompany such an event. Additionally, our firm has created a series of security-based scenarios based on contemporary social factors which may encourage various groups of various political, social or demographic influences seeking the DNC for exposure or support. Additionally, the mainstream of micro-media capable devices presents a twofold threat to the crowd management of such an event. Not only are many weapons capable of being disguised as media recording devices, but, these media capture devices may also be used to conduct counter surveillance activity against law enforcement and security personnel, coordinate terrorist activities, or capture, exploit, and rapidly transmit media of a terrorist attack to be exploited for mass panic effect.

In analyzing the myriad of potential threats which exist within the DNC environment, our security experts have determined that the best scenario-based planning approach is a multilayered security approach, maximizing liaison, as previously mentioned, under the direction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Secret Service, and the New York Police Department. The three major threat areas our organization has analyzed, trained and prepared for are Preventive Screening, Passive Threat, and Active Threat.

Preventive Screening

Security personnel have liaison with federal, state and local law enforcement on deploying necessary resources for extensive physical and technological measures to be deployed outside of and within the structure of the convention center and the immediate city clock surrounding the convention center. Extensive role-play scenarios have been administered and collectively enhanced involving the deployment of plain clothes security personnel within a six-block “soft perimeter” to observe and report activity on suspicious personnel, facial image capture from strategically placed surveillance equipment along routes of an ingress to the convention location, and the implementation of facial recognition software to electronically transmit suspect information to law enforcement databases.

Passive Threat

In scenario training for the passive threat environment, our security personnel have engaged in scenario-based training involving the active containment of passively resistant personnel, involving the use of cover/contact crowd control measures to avoid deliberate attempts to distract or lure security personnel into situations designed to preoccupy security personnel and exploit openings in the security perimeter. Additionally, our personnel are highly trained in a variety of scenarios and in the arrest of demonstrators using non-lethal use of force tactics and equipment designed to isolate potential riot situations and restore order in coordination with designated law enforcement partners.

Active Threat

In the event of a violent demonstration, terrorist attack, or deliberate attempt against the security and well being of the convention and its attendees, our security personnel will by policy defer to the authority and direction of designated federal law enforcement officials, However, our security personnel have implemented scenario-based training, and is prepared to delivered services in areas of high risk personnel protection, protective convoy escort, property protection, crowd control, inner and outer perimeter containment, and technical measures designed to enhance surveillance containment capabilities and cellular signal-jamming capabilities to assist in gaining operational control of the crisis environment.


In conclusion, our security firm has been operating for years. Our employees are all degree holders and understand the need of safety in our clients and community. Our firm has also done other events with a high success rate. An extensive background search will be performed on all employees and all employees will go through extensive training. Every member of our security firm has signed confidentiality agreements to protect every candidate.

If chosen, our firm has outlined in details what plans are proposed for coverage of the Democratic National Convention. Explained in our proposal, our firm has been able to make sure that all points of interest have been covered concerning the participants of the convention and the public. Our firm has also incorporated the use of the S.T.E.E.P. Analysis method in order to prepare for the risk that may take place during the event. Our firm has also mapped out a plan for the safety of law enforcement agents that will participate in helping provide security at the convention. Council members will notice that the proposal includes the use of local, state and federal police. Our firm understands this is a huge responsibility and knows that teamwork and consist communication with other law enforcement agencies is the key to the success of the event. In closing, our firm understands the responsibility involved with providing security for the convention and can ensure the safety of the public and the candidates and ensure our firm can provide effective risk management.


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