Statistical Analysis

Published 25 Nov 2016

Microsoft Office Excel (MS Excel) is a software that provides users with electronic spreadsheet applications which are a valuable tool for educators, managers, clerks and students. Spreadsheets are a grid of information, often times financial information, used in bookkeeping ledgers by big business ventures and firms. Since MS excel’s spreadsheets are presented electronically it offers firm managers easy handling, processing, and access to important data.

Data can easily be stored and if problems resurfaced, documents can easily be retrieved. Office space is also saved since large file drawers won’t be needed to accommodate a large number of files. Working conditions would then be better. Furthermore, the program provides the application for different mathematical operations that can be used in interpreting data. With the mathematical formula being input, MS Excel automatically calculates for the answer needed. Thus, valuable time is saved and errors that would arise from computations would be minimized, provided that the user had stated the correct formula. The program also offers users to view the graphs of data being stored. To which the user will prefer he can choose pictograph, bar or line graph to analyze the different data. Thus, with these features managers can easily view the status of the firm or business. Expenditures and amount of payment on the different entries on the spreadsheet are also clearly stated. Nowadays in these fast changing world highlighted of vast advancement in information technology, uses of MS excel in business provides distinct and major benefits. With the use of the said program, data can be handled, stored easily and interpreted more conveniently.

Meanwhile, the information gathered in surveys should no be used by companies to create the ideal profile of characteristics of employees to be hired. The agency which conducted the surveys should realize that by providing the different companies with this information they are taking for granted the moral obligations they have to the respondents. The confidentiality of the answers and information given is a must. What the agency should provide to companies are not information but the results and the implications of the said survey. Just as the client-attorney bond and the bank secrecy law, information from respondents should be taken with high regards and its confidentiality should always be taken care of. Maybe legal actions can be taken and pattern in the way the bank operates. Legal principles allowed banks to protect information about their customers. Perhaps, maybe this will also apply for respondents of surveys in order to protect their interest.


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