Technological Effects

Published 11 May 2017

With the continuous research being done on almost all fields of life, change has become inevitable. It has become a constant occurrence that either causes improvement or failure of certain things or matters that are discovered and utilized. For instance, researches have led to the constant improvement in the ways of storing and transporting products and other goods. In addition, researches have also led to the discovery of new sources of energy. From the very first storage ware and set of wheels to today’s lightning fast delivery of products the most efficient way possible, the world has taken a great leap in the field of storage and transportation. And with the constant discovery of new things, it may well be expected that some ten years later, advancements in the field of energy storage may become the most influential and efficient in the international arena.

The fast-paced and very active lifestyle of today’s generation calls for innovative gadgets that can support the multitasking capability that people have developed in order to cope with abrupt changes. From phones being used as a communication tool, now it also serves as a means to preserve memories through built-in cameras installed in the latest phones available. The computers that were once used to do basic math problems are now utilized as tools for communication as well.

With the advent of new technology and innovations, the problem of bulk was slowly solved. From a tool with multiple parts needed to function, computers have now evolved into gadgets that may be placed comfortably atop one’s lap and in a bag. From the size of a deadly weapon, phones have now shrunk to the size of one’s palm. Portable and multipurpose, these little things are today’s man’s best friend.

However, like the dogs of before, these things also have limitations. It runs out of power after a number of uses. Due to the portability feature, these gadgets are limited to the amount of energy stored in the minimized energy storage technology that comes with it. This is why continuous research is being done in order to develop a more advanced energy storage technology (Advanced Energy Storage Technologies, 2004). As soon as the advanced energy technology is improved in a way that storage of energy is in the minutest possible form, that new innovation on laptop computers may be ensued, greatly affecting the international relations in the next ten years.

In the field of international relations, communication is a very important factor. And as such, any innovation that would render new energy saving techniques will affect the process wherein communication is carried out. This is due to the fact that international communication is made easier through the use of various gadgets that are dependent on stored energy.

An advanced energy storage technology entails a power quality that is highly reliable. This kind of technology has the capacity to prevent disturbances or interruptions. It can challenge today’s monopoly of lead-acid batteries being used in transportation, remote telecommunication sites, and large-scale utility support (Advanced Energy Storage Technologies, 2004).

Lithium Polymer battery, an example of today’s advanced energy storage technology is being used as replacement for lead-acid batteries. The size of these batteries is a third of its opponent in the market. Its weight is only a fifth of that of lead-acid. Many people and companies utilizing stored energy are switching to this alternative because of these properties. Within ten years, it is likely that the size of it may get smaller and the weight may become as that of a feather. As such it is also possible that gadgets may become even more convenient, portable and travel-lighter (Advanced Energy Storage Technologies, 2004).

With the discovery of the small advanced energy storage technology, international and personal affairs have been bridged and made easier to conduct. As such, it is possible that within the next ten years, the field of international relations and communications will be made easier and stronger. This is why advanced energy storage technology may be considered as the one with the greatest effect on international relations in the next ten years. Since communication is a very important field in the international relations and gadgets are used to facilitate communication, successful invention of advanced energy storage technology may become considerably influential in the international arena in the next ten years.


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