The Effects of Immigrant Anchor Babies on the United States

Published 03 Jan 2017

It is vivid that many people move from their home country to another for different reasons. Some of thee reasons may education, search for jobs or safety for life from hostile communities. Although these are very genuine reasons, there are both good and bad effects associated with such movements. The issue of immigration began since before the birth of our fore fathers. And up to date it also takes place .the migration of people from other countries to United States began before the eve of colonization. During this time the human population was low and there was no sign of general assessment stress as it is today. (Bankston and Hidalgo, 2006)

Nowadays, it is said that it is difficult to have the exact figure of the immigrants to the United States. This is because there are both legal and illegal immigrants who enter the state each year. This year’s estimate of the illegal alien population is above thirteen million person’s .statistics for the previous year indicated that there were eleven to twelve million illegal aliens that were living in the United States. In the yare of 2000, the U.S census bureau estimated the numb of illegal population to be 8.7 million while at the same time the immigration officials estimated their growths to be more than five hundred thousands every year. (Thomas, 1995)

This alarming increase of the foreign- born residents has created a major concern to the American residents. the immigration and Naturalization service has always been challenged by inpiduals and organizations e.g. labor force researchers at North-eastern University concerning such issue like the determination of the immigration status of foreign born residents ., the re-evaluation of the size of the illegal alien population.

Due to this rampant growth of the alien population, there similar emerging effects. there is exceed number of persons living in united states leading to greater burden to U.S government and other Non –governmental organization to bear the indirect burden in the provision of human necessities. Thus the monetary burden resulting from the service provided to they are similarly growing at the same rapid rate.

From research information, it is estimated that the annual financial burden on the state’s taxpayers is about $ 285 million .this high cost being incurred by the government has raised fear in some of the residents that united state would be impoverished and be changed to a third world country in the future. The continued lack of border protection was one of the reasons that are dramatically changing the United States of America to third world. (Thomas, 1995)

One of the specific effects that are brought by foreign – born resident is the educational costs. Just as the size of illegal immigrant population has to be estimated, so too the school aged population in public schools has to be estimated. During such process the cost incurred in counting of illegal persons. It was noted that the number was 26,707 in the previous year. the study done in 2005 estimated the cost of illegal alien student to be about $65 million and an additional $91 million in expenditure of educating U.S born children of illegal immigrants. In 2000, researchers found that there 1.1 million 12 aged students residing in Tennessee who were illegal aliens.

It was reviled that 40% of the larger number of siblings were born in the United States. A comprehensive survey results showed that higher percentage of the immigrants speak little or no English while very small percent have fluency in English. while in most developed countries and especially inn united states has English a the common language, it was found that more than seven in ten Mexican immigrants hardly spoke the common language of that country. This was a clear evidence of major social challenges. So the effect of immigrants leads to the problem of language barrier in the states. In such situations, the immigrants are put in position that they are unable to experience the job opportunities available to English speakers.

Moreover, their inability to speak in English also affects the development of future generations. This keeps them from assisting their kids in navigating the education process. Due to this reason, most important thing is the fact that their illiteracy makes it difficult in the naturalization process. (Thomas, 1995)

On other hand, the small percentage that has received education and able to speak English, they have been assimilated. They are able to fill the gaps left due low human labor demands. Their contributions in the states economy may improve as they flourish in language different job opportunities. Their proficiency in such multilingualism and native supports better environment for business transactions. Speaking of one language acts as a mediator object that removes the links of racial and tribal discriminations. This is not to say there any discrimination because certain areas will have direct discrimination in our society such as skills and abilities that differentiates one applicant from another.

The presence of immigrants has also created a negative effect to residents of the United States. The most disturbing a challenging as it may be considered. This is the fact that all people were created by God, and no one who can alter his morphological nature. According to a series of survey taken in 2006, 77 percent of Africans believe there is great deal of discriminating African Americans. (Bankston and Hidalgo, 2006)

The effect of medical care is not too minute to the American government and the taxpayers. The fiscal outlays for the aliens in the state have estimated expenditure which is very large. The reasons for considering their cost is that if 5their parents were not in the country in violation of the law, the child would not be born and raised there. The fact is that the difference in the costs to the taxpayer from the illegal immigration is that the tax payer is currently required to assume greater public assistance costs for the child born in the state. From other researches, it was clear that most potential Medicare does not have passports and must search for other required documents.

This contrary to the constitutional laws of the state which require that a foreigner who has legally entered the states for residence has a passport and an immigration document that establishes their legal residence .thus such Medicare are presumed to be within the United States illegally. $ 1.8 million expenditures were incurred in the year 2005 in the treatment of 1, 300 unauthorized aliens in Tennessee State. A much larger medical outlays for the treatment of illegal immigrant population would result from the U.S born children. This includes the expenditure on labor and delivery. These charges are therefore indirect costs passed to the state’s taxpayers hence reducing the government revenues.

Dispensaries bear uncompensated expenses from providing emergency care to illegal immigrants. Other additional medical expenses for illegal aliens residing in state are mental health services, public health services and children’s services that are provided on the basis of a don’t –ask-don’t –tell policy. (Thomas, 1995)

In the past four decades, Americans have gone through tremendous changes by buying houses and spent money to the provision of decent accommodation.

A lot of it was made bolster the economy of the country. People labored in construction, retail and related services were the backbone of the middle class. That group of men and women has all but disappeared, to be replaced by inpiduals who have entered the United States illegally, who speak little or no English. Many of these newly illegal aliens disrespect America by using its social services without the thought of paying for anything, and shame on united state for offering it. This behavior has caused great stress on their local economy and throughout their stay. (Bankston and Hidalgo, 2006)

There also costs that relate and attached to local government which are as a result of incarceration. From reports complied by the comptroller’s study noted that there were 152 inmates with federal detain. this meant that alien were supposed to be released only to the immigration authorities for deportation at the end of the incarceration .the day daily cost was 57.33 with total cost per year of 3.18 millions associated with incarceration of illegal aliens . A part from the incarceration costs, the state government has to be affected with other causes such expenses resulting from criminal activities of the illegal aliens.

Most illiterate persons get involved in illegal activities. So such activities would include policing and especially gang –related policing for gangs that include significant number of illegal aliens. in addition to policing, criminal aliens cause the courts significant added expenses such as costs for interpreters .apart from these cost, other expense are those including though e additional costs result from jail prior to trails and the costs of trails.

A number of social expenses that are associated with illegal immigration experienced in the state. These include the degradation of the learning environment in schools with illegal alien students. There many case which also arises relating to the lack of accommodation. Since housing is one of today necessities, there costs that are incurred as housing assistance to the illegal immigrants. (Thomas, 1995)

The whole economy is generally affected. Through direct or indirect costs in addition to the above expenses, there are tax losses from worker in the dissident economy as a result of idle inpiduals or incompetent worker in job markets. Besides these, other tax losses are incurred from the remittances abroad and that are not spent locally. This out flow of money from the united state leads to the loss of its value in the international market.

It is obvious that people cannot live forever and each person will pass away one day. When such incidents occur to the illegal immigrant aliens, the expenses of autopsies and burials of intelligent illegal aliens are also catered for by the taxpayers. (Bankston and Hidalgo, 2006) A great proportion of recent migrants, both legal and illegal, are low-skilled workers and regarding one-third of those have not concluded their high school level of education, giving them significantly less education than Americans born in the United States. A survey that focused on community costs associated with the new age bracket of immigrant workers showed that united states is contributing risks by paying taxes through the action of taking undesirable, low-income jobs.

Still, the survey provided a view of the effects of immigration, indicating that since 2000, a bout 30 percent of all immigrants and their children lack health insurance, as compared with 13 percent of native-born Americans. Mr. Camarota concluded that one of every three uninsured people in the nation state is an immigrant or a young American-born child with at least one immigrant parent, he found. Immigrant families account for almost three-quarters of the increase in the uninsured in the past 15 years. Immigrants are employed at higher rates than Americans, because of their low educational levels; many work in low-paying, entry-level jobs that do not provide health insurance or other benefits.

Immigrants have had an enormous impact on the lack of health insurance. Illegal immigration has become the source of contention in many states. So in my conclusion, immigrants have impacts in major fields such economics, poverty, security, politics and many more others as enumerated above.


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