What I would do to attract more people to Huntington WV

Published 29 Mar 2017

Huntington West Virginia is a good place that everyone should visit. It is a city that has so much to offer from beautiful sceneries, job opportunities and modern facilities. Huntington is on the Ohio River, 45 miles west of Charleston, and is an important shipping point for coal from West Virginia mines. Huntington has few still mills that make metal alloys, chemical, glass, and clothing that eventually give job opportunities to its residents in spite of the economic crisis.

It also has universities and one of these is Marshall University which is very equip in educating its students. It is which, too, the movie “We Are Marshall” was made about which make Huntington more popular all over the United States. In addition, Huntington has the council-manager form of government. The government makes sure that the historical structures and museums are intact despite of this modern era.

Moreover, Huntington also has a place to hang out which is the Pullman Square which is a restaurant shopping entertainment that has superb and modern facilities like cinema, bookstores, and other little shops that everyone will definitely look forward to and enjoy.

If you want to unwind and enjoy, the city has beautiful beaches and hotels, too, that visitors and tourists would love. The people are also hospitable and accommodating. They also offer foods that are mouthwatering. So why not visit Huntington WV now? Come and experience the beauty of its one of a kind service.


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Huntington’s Best Attractions.

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