Women and Development

Published 26 Jun 2017

Cairo accord, attained its name putting into consideration its venue; Cairo in Egypt. It was a conference held with the aim of addressing world’s population concerns. It was in the world’s concern that the world population was growing at an alarming rate and so it became the issue worthy convening world’s countries to think on how to slow it.

When we talk about the importance of the Cairo accord, we have to ask ourselves questions like to whom? Although countries were convened with the same purpose, this accord is more important to some more than to others. It is more important to the women especially those in developing countries, this doesn’t mean that it is less important to the rest of the worlds population. All these issues discussed in the Cairo accord are important to development of any society. Although the issues of concern here touch on women directly, it is important to solve them since their effects are not limited to women but the whole society. The other reason for the importance of the accord is the fact that these issues are the measurement of development hence no its realization before all these issues are addressed. Again the same issues are constrains to development so not unless addressed the world can not claim to have achieved its long sought goal of development, thewrefore this accord is very important to the whole world..

Again this accord is important to the whole society since women do not live in mono populated societies. When women are empowered the whole society benefits as well since women are in one way the other related to the men around them, either they are their husbands, brothers or sons.

United states stand as represented by Bush ,from my point of view Don’t think is reasonable since it only reveals their selfishness as a country without consideration for others,nether do I think is the right moral position since moral calls for consideration for others and honouring ones pledges or promises of others (Guzzardi, 2002). Although entitled to their decisions, he should have thought rationally, personally I estate to offer my back-up for his behaviour and decision.

In conclusion United States, should have thought of the miserable victims of the issues of concern not their selfish religious stand. Otherwise as a state should have taken the responsibility of educating the world on the dangers and expenses of abortion rather than with drawing her financial support.

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