Working as a designer

Published 05 Aug 2017

There were copious wonderful things in this world that enlightens our imagination. Most of these things were extravagant tools that might help us to be more creative and adventurous. In fact, miniscule and enormous things around us portray a great role in creating and inventing new things which will later on contribute to the world of designing. Everyone in this human race is interested in rejuvenating their personalities as well as their way of living. Perhaps, globalization had a great impact as regard to the fast paced flow of reinventing. On a brighter note, transformation is not limited to one concept alone; it entails several aspects wherein you can explore wildly and discover new dreams wherein you can make it into reality in a couple of hours. In fact, as Donald Norman emphasized the essentiality of a certain thing hand in hand with abilities and inner appreciation of the beauty of your specific masterpiece. It’s easy for someone to look at things at a different manner giving you the power to be imaginative and at the same time practical towards a certain goal. “You would need an engineering degree from MIT to work this, someone once told me shaking his head in puzzlement over his brand new digital watch. Give me a few hours and I can figure out the watch. But why it should take hours? I have talked with many people who can’t use all the features of their washing machines or cameras, or can’t figure out how to work a sewing machine or a video cassette recorder, who habitually turn on the wrong stove burner. Why do we put up with the frustrations of everyday objects, with objects that we can’t figure out how to use, with those neat plastic wrapped packages that seem impossible to open, with doors that trap people, with washing machines that drive drivers that have become too confusing to use” (Norman, 2002). Indeed, for Norman, it’s the way of maneuvering your talent to excel at a particular field and not focusing on theories alone.

Bits and pieces in the realm where I am as of the moment had a colossal contribution to the arena of style – designing a simple thing could transform into a mesmerizing work of art. There were abundant of resources in our surrounding which only needs an extraordinary designer to be able to transform it into a more sophisticated tour de force. Take into account God’s wonderful creation of trees, grasses and rocks. Using our naked eye, it’s just plain natural resources with vague contribution to arts and designs but in fact it’s a huge material that we can use to design – our dream house for instance. It’s obvious how an uncomplicated tree can transform into extravagant modern cabinets. But we have to take note of what particular tree is more beneficial in order to serve the cabinet’s purpose. In addition, it’s beneficial also to decide on what design would best fit our modern houses. Built in cabinets is on top priority so that we cannot consume a lot of space. Parallel to this, we could design a dual purpose cabinet using the door as a mirror as well – a mirrored type one which will elucidate the expansion of the cabinet’s purpose. Through this we are saving space and tend to be more audacious with our chosen style.

We can picture a typical grass as an urbane design in our living room. We just need a perfect spot in the area we prefer to put the decoration in and viola! it transforms completely. We just need some blending of colors as we paint the grasses, we can even use beads to add on the trimming of the material.

Rocks that we sometimes considered trash along the streets can possibly a great decoration in our bathrooms. It can even refresh our minds as we tries to magnetize our surroundings with the fascinating stones along our bath tubs. Likewise, we can even add it to decorate our garden. Having huge stones can help with the division of our beautiful garden.

These typical example using priceless materials would help us to be creative and at the same time look beyond what our eyes can reach. W can never forget how important it is to critically examine our material and come up with an analysis as to what extent it can be useful. Analyzing the material’s durability and lasting effect are the basic criteria in considering such. “The human mind is exquisitely tailored to make sense of the world. Give it the slightest clue and off it goes, providing explanation, rationalization, understanding. Well designed objects are easy to interpret and understand. They contain visible clues to the operation. Poorly designed objects can be difficult and frustrating to use. They provide no clues or sometimes false clues. They trap the user and thwart the normal process of interpretation and understanding” (Norman, 2002). It is too easy for a certain person to buy products or things that they can keep in their house but to operate such is another story. Donald Norman emphasized the effectiveness of choosing the best material. It’s not only limited on how high technology a certain appliance is, what is on top priority in fashion and designing is considering the value of a certain material. We need to play on the resources that we have in order to boast a more loud fashion but still traditionally accepted. We just need to be more articulate on what particular design we are apt to and what specific masterpiece we are eyeing to make, of course we should prioritize its cost as well to fully considered our work of art a very worth keeping piece.

Bruce Mau’s perception of lifestyle and designing can be consider as fearless as he moves from a different views of putting into life the norm of styling. As a designer, I could say that I am very strict but firm with the way I deal with my material. It is important for me to regard the productivity of a certain thing to be able to explore more and at the same time more profound with the details of my masterpiece.

As I designer I would love to design things which I loved the most specifically transforming the traditional equipments into a more conducive to the way of living that we have now in this era of modernization and globalization. I will put emphasis on prioritizing the basic equipments that we need in our daily office life and at the same time designing also a more sophisticated house that will enable to respond to the things that we have to do. Making lives easier to deal with, equipped with high technology apparatuses – from manual system to finger control machinery.

As a designer, I am interested in creating stuff to make it more useful and a time saving one. Having a very fast paced environment as of the moment, I feel affection for designing a house wherein the availability of a touch screen oven is present together with an exceptional kitchen filled with control manipulated way of washing and cutting food ingredients.

On another aspect, designing a protection intended for astronauts is another masterpiece I’d love to explore – a shield to make it more functional for them to discover the universe freely. With this we became bolder and more daring as to which we’re not just bound to one channel of protection, but at the same time, we became fashionable in making this ordinary suits for astronauts. It could be best to use some “high technology material” as well to innovate the design of the gear. Pockets could be very beneficial for the astronaut’s purpose so it’s a good point also to innovate it as well by manner of making it extra hippie but automated sealed pocket wherein they can keep their valuable device for their mission.

Meeting one of the prominent personalities is a great privilege on the part of the designer and it gives extra boosting factor on creating things in a different manner. It would be best to look at fashion and lifestyle with Bruce Mau as he was also apt to making different stuff technically with the inspiration of uplifting the traditional manner of designing.
As a designer we can get along in exploring the façade of high technology equipments like that of what he perceived way back then. “The times were extraordinary–the middle 1980s, the height of American yuppie culture gorging itself on wealth. The Macintosh computer had only just been introduced and was making itself felt in the world of typography by virtue of its capacity to distort fonts. It would eventually transform the field of design, disseminating expertise and clustering capacities vertically. Faxes and FedEx were making possible a new level of international collaboration that would soon put a Toronto designer at the center of a transatlantic project” (Mau, 2000). I can even fascinate her using my new techniques in style for him to include me in designing her work or making part of her team. In this manner, we could even jive our thoughts to come up with a bolder design that the clients would loved the most. Joining our insights with tremendous ideas at hand would be of great importance to the field we both love doing.

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