Working hard and improving grades for college

Published 05 Aug 2017

I am just an average high school student but very much involved with community work. I love giving a hand to habitat for humanity who provides descent homes to the grass roots. With this effort, concern for humanity had taken root deep within me and forgetting the so called nimby attitude (the not in my backyard syndrome). The fear or hesitation of mingling with other or lowly people or race was completely down to the drain. Hours and sweat of work was not just equity but a joy in itself. The more descent houses are built the more volunteers are fortified. The more we enjoy work we forget about the hard toil and heat of inconveniences. Taking on the load of others helps forget one self an attitude that is healthy and relieve man of selfishness.

This open mindedness forged the will to work hard not only for one self but also for social reasons. The reason to grow and to be of service to mankind be it a big help or just a little one. With this intention working hard and succeeding in getting high marks for college is not an impossible dream. The experience can assure me of my success to collaborate work which is what college life is all about.

House sitting also made me self reliant in caring for others material possessions. The good self esteem I earn from this work makes me a better person. Teaching me outright responsibility more on the fact that there is a need for me to do so because of my mother’s illness that’s been lingering quite for a long time. This experience in life taught me not only to work hard with my school works but also to face life bravely and responsively. To be a little but at the same time a big brave man in the house in a day to day living pursuing domestic works to assist my mom. It has taught me the value of perseverance and kindness, patience and toughness that life is not easy but at the same time worthwhile.

Entrance to college is not a short and easy task but a sure way to succeed not only financially but to be at the forefront of life and industry. It is difficult and at the same time expensive but could be a lot fun and progressive. Pursuing this course is an academic exercise that trains the brains to have a mind fueled by thoughts of valiant intention which drives an individual to be more useful towards others.

Courage is always propelled by hard labor. It sees its limitations but at the same time always create a creative enterprise. However, only mature minds can comprehend this. Comprehension which was brought by thorough work on the will to survive no matter whatever the odds are. Definitely, the college life will have it and has a lot more to offer, experiences, and vistas an individual will surely benefit from. This academic pursuit is something which I truly aim for and not afraid to take but eager to carry on until its final completion.

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