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Project Plan Inception
Section 1: Project Introduction
Project Overview

As a newly appointed Chief Information Officer for the organization, I greatly understand the company strives to become the leading provider for collection and analysis of data field. With availability of Web analytics and the operating system data, the organization’s future looks very promising. With a good project plan, the company’s goal will effectively be, achieved.
Company’s Background Information

This is an Information Technology (IT) based organization. The organization gathers data by use of Web analytics tools and merges it with the operational system data. Presently, Web analytics has become significantly important for most of organizations business marketing plans. It usually enables the organization to come up with effective marketing plans that facilitates their growth. As a result, web analytics have been, implemented by several organizations giving them a greater capability to expand. Therefore, the implementation of Web Analytics in this organization has enabled growth of the organization. The organization is finding ways of leveraging the data collected. This is a project plan for addressing the company growth that the organization is experiencing. Nevertheless, the project goal is, intended to ensure that the current available information technology infrastructures will adequately support the organizations anticipated growth.

The company has been actually, operating for less than two years. Currently, the data collection and analysis organization is worth $25. The vision of the organizations CEO is to expand by 60% over next eighteen months of operation. The organization will be expanding from the one floor to the three flows within six months. Considering the fact that this is a relatively novel organization, there is inadequate technological infrastructures for supporting the business growth. Therefore, the information’s technology infrastructures including software and hardware’s must be, re-designed in order to meet the organizations needs. The solution must be, executed in either hybrid model, on-site solution, or hosted solution.

The role of IT for this project involves the incorporation of various technologies such as Software-as-a-Service and cloud computing technologies. Moreover, appropriate security protocols concerning these technologies would also be, implemented. With technology enhancement, the organizations goal is to support Corporations and the Banking industries. Presently, the organization comprises of twenty workers, four of which are fully devoted to the Information Technology department.

Scope of the Project

Specifically, the project management in construction consists of a set of objectives that can be, accomplished through implementing a set of operations subjects to the resource constraints. However, there are impending conflicts between the affirmed objectives with regard to time, scope, quality and time, and the restrictions imposed on financial and human resources. These conflicts can only be resolved at the start of the project by making necessary tradeoffs or by creating new alternatives. In this project, there is a restriction in IT infrastructure since the current IT infrastructures are, expected to support the organization expansion.

This project scope includes several areas. Each area should contain a corresponding strategy for integrating it into the overall project. These areas include the following:

i. Applications: For meeting the target production date, some few applications including cloud computing will be, implemented. The integration of cloud computing gives the organization a good opportunity to grow.
ii. Re-design of IT infrastructure: The current IT infrastructure needs to be, redesigned in order to support the business expansion. This will be achievable through purchase of more IT infrastructures and integrating the current company data base system with the newly integrated cloud computing.
iii. Testing: After implementation of the project, testing is very essential in that it helps in identification of system errors.

iv. Training: the employees should be, trained on using the new system in order to make effective use of it and deliver the expected goals.

Identification of project requirement helps in effectively completion of the project. Moreover, it also assists in budgeting for the required resources to complete the project. The major requirement of this project includes the following:

i. To advertise and recruit the required professionals: considering that the organization is going to expand, the current employees needs to be, increased in order to meet the company production. Therefore, as such, the project aims at recruiting the required professionals.
ii. Analyzing and documenting specifications for required functionality. This is an essential step in every project plan. Project documentation helps to give guidelines to the users of the system thus increasing their effectiveness.
iii. To acquire the required hardware: some new hardware’s are, needed in the organization to support expansion.
The following stages will be, systematically followed for ensuring successful completion of the project.

i. Starting the project: this is usually the initial stage of project development. It involves identification of problem, problem analysis, and provision of solutions for solving the identified problem. Moreover, at this stage, the project requirements need to be, identified.
ii. Organizing and preparing the project. This is the second stage of project development. In this stage, the manager comes up with a plan of implementing the proposed intervention. Moreover, all the resources for implementing the project should be, made available at this stage.
iii. Implementation of project: at this stage, the actual work of putting the proposed solution or intervention should practically be, put into operation.
iv. Closing the project, this is the final stage of project development. After successful implementation of the project, it should then be, closed. At this stage, the system is, tested for errors and rectification is, done.

The following constraints have actually been, identified:

i. Human resource constraints: the organization contains of only twenty employees, where four of them work in IT department. Therefore, it is essential to increase the number of employees in order to ensure increased company productivity, after the expansion.
ii. Financial constrains. Currently, the company is worth $25 million and it is, anticipated to increase at 60% in just the next eighteen months.
iii. Material Constraints. The Company’s IT infrastructure is, expected to support the organizations growth. This will be possible through re-design of current IT infrastructures.
Risks Affecting the Project Progression

The project is ought to be affected by some challenges during its progression. The risk might lead to failure of the project or errors during project implementation. Moreover, the risk can occur at any stage of the project. These challenges include the following:

i. Insufficient time: The team members might spend inadequate time in one or more stages. This might perhaps lead to project errors. For instance, they might omit to carry out some activities in particular stage. Moreover, the team might also jump to the next stage without completion of the prior stage making it difficult to effectively, complete the project.
ii. Failure of corporation by team members: the team members might fail to corporate during the project progression. Eventually, this might lead to failure to complete the project within the allocated time.
iii. Lack of experience: some team members might lack experience on your experience. Therefore, this ultimately reduces the quality of their performance and consequently leads to poor project results.
iv. Inadequate resources: the resources including human and financial resources might be inadequate to complete the project. This mostly leads to delay of the project completion.
Scope Control

Controlling a project scope is actually an activity of project management of monitoring the project status, finding whether deliverables meet renowned requirements, and managing adjustments to project scope baseline. Controlling the project scope helps in successful completion of the project (Lemieux, 2012). Nevertheless, this does not imply that the scope will never change. Rather, it implies that all the changes must follow change control process and they must take into account the impact on cost, schedule, resources, risks, quality, and so forth. In this particular project, the control of the changes to scope identified in the document will actually be, managed via change control, with the approval of business owner representative for any alteration, which affects timeline or cost for the project.
Relationship to Other Projects

The business owner has the sole duty to give out the entire details of any other organization initiative, which may affect or influence the project to the information technology. So far, the organization initiatives, which are affecting the project includes the following:
i. Opening of subsidiary sewerage company, which would as well need the information system and this, would perhaps produce the cost implication at higher stance.
ii. The organization is implementing parallel project in transformational of workers payment sector of the organization. This has a throbbing effect on payroll of the workers, which consecutively has to be, integrated into decision support system.
Definition of Terms

Decision support system: refers to a type of information system, which usually assists middle level management in process of decision-making (Hingarh & Ahmed, 2013).

Transaction process system: Refers to a type of information system, which is, used in collection of raw data at point of sale.
Hingarh, V., & Ahmed, A. (2013). Understanding and Conducting Information Systems
Auditing+ Website. John Wiley & Sons.

Lemieux, V. (Ed.). (2012). Financial Analysis and Risk Management: Data Governance,
Analytics and Life Cycle Management. Springer Science & Business Media.

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