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Marketing Plan Project

Marketing Plan Project

Executive summary
Transport industry is highly challenged by the parking problems which is causing jam and traffic in major towns and cities (Van et al, 2016). This paper would describe a marketing plan for a company which is based on in transport industry in conjunction with urbanization.
Name of the company: Easypark. Com App
Mission statement: To provide efficient online services in helping drivers to park their motor vehicles conveniently and relieve the traffic jam in cities.
Products offered App is an online service company which would provide parking services to drivers who wish to park their vehicles in the city. Clients will be able to access parking space by use of the android or Smartphone where the App can be installed. The clients will be making payment through the same and they will be notified when they booking times expires. Therefore, they would consider toping up the payment or vacating the space. In addition, the targeted clients will be able to know the remaining time for a parking space to be created hence it is easier to conveniently book the space in advance. The services would help to reduce the time wasted while searching parking place in the city.
Target market
The targeted customers include the Uber drivers, individuals with vehicles, government vehicles, and owners of shopping malls with parking parlours and other companies with vehicles operating with the urban centres. The owners of the space will benefit by easing the process of payment and managing the space, while the motor vehicle owners will benefit by making advance booking of the parking space conveniently. Therefore, major customers for the company are the drivers who suffer will searching the parking space in the urban centres.
As a result of this prompt increase of the cars in the country due to an increased purchase of the vehicles by the manufacturers, the company has strategized on the mission to take so as to solve this problem (Van et al, 2016). One of the mission the company plans to do is to increase the charging posts in different areas within the city. The company has stated that this is only possible through the collaboration that will enable both the user and the company. In this case the user may use a map in the same app to identify the nearest charging posts. In addition the company has also decided to design their program in a manner that the users may easily find out the unoccupied parking space.
The above identification that the user can easily find out the unoccupied parking space is only possible with the help of the parking guidance. The company is also planning to collaborate with Fortum so as to improve the mobile payment services of these services offered by the company. All these activities are purposed to create more cities with effective parking services. At the same time the move would reduce congestion of the in one area. As a result the company came up with objectives that it was struggling to attain at the end of a certain period of time. These objectives arranged sequentially stated that by the end of one year the company should:
· reach a wider ground in the cities
· establish more parking canters
· Improve the app design so as to ensure users can easily get solution for parking as fast as possible.
· Collaborated with Fortum so as to improve the user payment services by fastening the process.
Promotion and media plan
This company has taken some measures to curb this problem through advertisements. The adverts mostly have been done through the media as well has direct mails sent to the potential clients (Mimosette & Paul, 2015).Through the media the company has been using radios as well as sending messages through telephone lines that have already been registered by the service provider such as Safaricom. Direct mails on the other side have been continuously sent to already subscribe clients. After the show, the knowledge attained should be applied in the real life situation particularly the advertising procedure used by the company. In addition, searching of the packing space should not be a problem anymore since the apps will be completely explained on how to download it and subscribe to it. People will widely be attracted to the cubicle as a result of convenience of the booth.
Show selection
The shows which I intend to present this plan in 2017 include;
a. The Rental Show to be held in Orlando on Feb. 26 to march 1 in 2017.
This show will mainly have exhibits demonstrations of innovations in various technological sectors sponsored by the association of the construction companies in America (ARA). Contacts; 1.800.334.2177, email:
b. MAT show to hold in Kentucky on March 23 to 25, 2017.
The show is mainly targeting the innovative exhibits to be presented by young nationals from states of America. Contact address,
c. NAB show to be held in Las Vegas convention centre on April 22 to 27, 2017.
It is mainly targeting the technological innovations in all fields. Contacts address, website link
I will consider the NAB show since it is open to the investors from different fields and may be interested in learning more about the services to be offered by the engaged company.

Van Nieuwkoop, R., Rutherford, T. F., & Axhausen, K. W. (2016). A traffic equilibrium model with paid-parking search. Available at SSRN 2748539.
Mimosette, M. F. F., & Paul, D. J. E. U. M. E. N. E. (2015). Factors explaining the adoption of mobile marketing in Cameroon: Exploratory study on the use of SMS as method of transmission of social information. African Journal of Marketing Management, 7(2), 20-31.

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