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Electronic Commerce is the commercial transactions of a concern that involves transfer of data across the net. It encompasses a scope of different businesses where potential purchasers and sellers exchange goods and services with fewer barriers in distance and time. This has of late accelerated the development of various businesses where the boundaries on convectional and electronic commerce have increasingly blurred as more business moves their operations onto the net (Grochal, 2016). For Katie willing to set up a T-shirt business on the net is not an exception. There is a need for her to carry out a thorough research on the business operation on the internet so as to meet her dreams in the business. Although there are tremendous returns and opportunities for many jobs, there are some economic challenges the Katie need to consider such as the demand risks.
Demand risk means having fewer customers with the willingness to purchase goods and services from a companionship or an establishment. Managing the demand risk in a global supply of the T-shirts products in the market would require to account and bridge for the differences in culture, values, language and business behaviors. To bring off on these requirements and its supply risks can be some time hectic as managing risks on mortgages backed securities or the credit defaulters. This is because of the moving elements which are in the supply chain, which defines the companies that cooperate to convert ideas to goods and services for their clients. In an ideal world, the involvements of these companies are lined up. They usually adapt to shifts in the marketplace, such as currency fluctuations or any other economic transformations that would be responsive enough in the change of supply and demand.
In the globalization of the world market and increased deregulations mostly exposes much business to greater levels of the competition and magnifies the threat of demand risk. To overcome these demands risks the company requires enhancing flexibility and being adapted to the current market customer’s demand. This can be achieved through vigorous advertisements and understanding what the customer want. On the other hand the company should embark on a thorough search of new marketplaces for their goods by rebranding and discounting their merchandise so as to create more demand for the customer. Consider stimulating demands for the business products and services. In this event the company should occur up with mechanisms in improving the quality and timely deliveries to earn the customers trust for their wares and services (Qiu & Shang, 2014).
The company should gain fuller usage of the web in the market penetration mechanism where either the merchandise or the aim marketplace is shifting. These are selling costs that incurred in a job in the process of advertising for its products, ways of identifying and reaching the customers and proving the best relates distribution channels (Qiu & Shang, 2014). Katie should also utilize the network to facilitate product development and diversifying by taking new products to newly established markets.
Using the e-commerce Katie will successfully set up a T-shirt Company and establish it to a striving business in the creation. Fortified with the above ideas Katie will acquire a fuller reason of customer’s wants and requires. Also has an access to information on customer’s product interests, purchasing habits and when they are probable to buy the products.

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