Gun Violence: UP Initiatives

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Gun Violence
An initiative plan branded as UP Initiatives was announced at South Side YMCA on Stony Island Avenue on Friday in Chicago (Presta). The program aimed at the application of powerful weapon called Jobs to reduce the gun violence experienced in the urban centers. Congresswoman Robin Kelly led this announcement in the company of other elected leaders, community, and spiritual leaders. The initiative was as a result of what Robin Kelly had prior recommended in 2014 about the gun violence. The program is of importance in seeking to reduce unemployment rates, provide better education and training systems and increase the health relation between the local government and the community. This initiative had one an important role in providing economic stability, improved security stable and dependent community.
During the announcement, Kelly was joined by members of Illinois Congressional delegation, Officials from Chicago‘s Southland. In addition to Kelly, the Illinois delegation was represented too. In her announcement, Rep. Kelly said the program sought to increase job opportunities, good education and training and advanced community collaboration with the security sector. Kelly further emphasized on the fact that meaningful change can only occur through a cooperative effort among religious groups, community rights champions, the government, academic institutions including community stakeholders to help safeguard and transform the neighborhood. In the progress of the address, Kelly said that nothing could stop a bullet like jobs in the reduction of gun violence. Also, she asserted that the overriding theme and goal of the unique collaboration initiated by hard working, through inclusive strategies between the politicians and local members in reducing the chances of divide and rule that brings about unstable political environment hence increased crime rates.
Kelly further said that the most effective means in reducing gun violence is providing a hearing platform for everybody to is heard and the ideas implemented based on their significance. The involvement should, therefore, cut across the society to include, parents, students, businesspersons, government and even outsiders. As if that is not enough, the Congresswoman pointed out that essential transition can be realized through collective approaches and techniques. The development must involve the religion sector, government, different states and academic institutions thus uplifting communities UP from violence and poverty. Also, she further emphasized that coordination and collective involvement they are to build a framework for the safety of the communities. In her speech, she acknowledged the Chicago Mayor and other liked minded for a funding mechanism that could help the initiative.
During the announcement, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel raised a call on the legislative assembly to review the laws concerning the crime sections. Also, he said that the Lawmakers pass a bill to increase investments in the communities, where resources are of great necessity. In furthering his support to the Urban Progress, he elaborated steps in redefining a collective future for the sole purpose of creating a better world to live.
The initiative was of significance to the urban centers, due to violence being the most factors lowering the economic stability. Moreover, through provisions of means in the job market, people will be much engaged productively to make a living from their professionals and businesses. The initiative is likely to be implemented because, during the announcement, there were representatives across the board such as Members of Congress, Churches, Law enforcers, and families. The initiative has also managed to change the mindset of people in regards to increasing rate of unemployment resulting in crime rates in the urban centers.
Most crimes commitments are because of the disparity in resource availability and allocation. Due to rural- urban migration, the urban centers are must prone areas to violence since most equipment such guns and vehicles are available. In an address to the gun violence, it for initiatives such as Urban Progress spread headed by Kelly in Chicago. Due to the initiative significance, there resulting impact is security, stable economic and dynamic legislation that embrace concern to the public.

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