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Criminal Justice Technology: Millersville

Running Head: CRIMINAL JUSTICE TECHNOLOGY 1 CRIMINAL JUSTICE TECHNOLOGY 9 Criminal Justice Technology Name Professor Institution Course Date Title: 1098 Lamp Post Ln, Millersville, MD 21108, USA Arrest, Arson, Assault, Robbery, Shooting, Theft, Vandalism and Others 4th August 2016 through to 30th October 2016 Source: Millersville, Pennsylvania. Description: In general, it is possible to conclude that Millersville is a safe region both for residential and business purposes. From the data on the map, it is evident that security is paramount in the area owing to the numerous arrests that...
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Voluntary Surgical and Chemical Castration of Sex Offenders

Running Head: Voluntary Surgical And Chemical Castration Of Sex Offenders 1 Voluntary Surgical and Chemical Castration of Sex Offenders 7 Voluntary Surgical and Chemical Castration of Sex Offenders Name Professor Institution Course Date CHAPTER 3 3.0 Introduction Over the years, some countries have adopted castration as a way of controlling and managing the behavior of sex offenders. Castration as a punishment has been embraced in response to both repeat sex offenses as well as offenses which are rated as brutal rape and murder. For example, the Indonesian president, Joko Widodo,...
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Search and Seizure under the Fourth Amendment

Running Head: THE FOURTH AMENDMENT 1 THE FOURTH AMENDMENT 2 Search and Seizure under the Fourth Amendment Name Professor Institution Course Date Search and Seizure under the Fourth Amendment The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution stipulates that personal privacy and the rights of every US citizen should be protected from any form of instruction by the government. The Amendment was meant to protect the citizens against any form of harassment or overreaching of the government through intruding in people’s lives as a form of looking for any illegal...
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Studying Criminology Course in College

I have always possess a great passion in studying a course under criminology in college. I am currently studying Criminal Justice at a community college where I have been working very hard and so far I have been volunteering to ride along with the West Valley Police department with an aim of wanting to learn more and expound on the knowledge that I have in the field. This passion is encouraged by the desire that I have on wanting to solve the criminal cases that are piling up in our...
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Cyber ​​Security Tasks and Their Solution

Running head: CYBER SECURITY 1 CYBER SECURITY 7 Cyber Security Tasks Name Institution Cyber Security Tasks Task One · Is this an isolated case? The Heartbleed case is not isolated. Over the past several years, numerous security breaches orchestrated through cyber-attacks have been evident in the United States and around the globe. As people increase their technological know-how, cases of cyber-attacks, continue to manifest. For instance, the “Mafiaboy” hacker who in 2000 hacked the National Security Agency illustrates a security breach of proportions that hurt the public. Also, in 2009,...
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Violence Is the Use of Force Against the Defenseless

Running Head: VIOLENCE 1 VIOLENCE 5 Violence Name Institute Professor Course Date Introduction Violence may refer to actions that threatens and causes physical harm, sufferings, injury, and physical harm. In other terms may mean exertion of physical force or power to unextend of injure or abuse. (Furlong at al, 2000) Why violence is detestable. Violence is simply civil war. Nobody likes this because it is considered unsafe. Moreover, civil war causes instability to the society since it brings wrangles. Violence mostly expresses inequality especially in women (Hondros, 2001) Why is...
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Gun Violence: UP Initiatives

Surname 1 Name: Professor: Course: Date: Gun Violence An initiative plan branded as UP Initiatives was announced at South Side YMCA on Stony Island Avenue on Friday in Chicago (Presta). The program aimed at the application of powerful weapon called Jobs to reduce the gun violence experienced in the urban centers. Congresswoman Robin Kelly led this announcement in the company of other elected leaders, community, and spiritual leaders. The initiative was as a result of what Robin Kelly had prior recommended in 2014 about the gun violence. The program is...
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Social Disorganization – The Crisis State of Society

Running Head: PARTICIPATION WEEK 3 1 PARTICIPATION WEEK 3 3 Participation Week 3 Name Professor Institution Course Date Question 1 What is social disorganization? How does social disorganization contribute to organized crime? What is an example of social disorganization that created opportunistic atmospheres for organized crime? Social disorganization is the theoretical perception that explains ecological diversities in levels of crime centered on structural as well as cultural factors shaping the character of the social order across communities. When parts of the social structure do not execute their operations professionally and...
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Henry Howard Holm – America’s First Serial Killer

Running Head: HOLMES 1 HOLMES 2 Holmes Name Institution Professor Course Date Harman Webster was born in 1861 in New Hampshire. At early age, he was captivated with skeletons and very soon became passionate with death. This interest encouraged him to pursue medicine. After graduating secondary education at 16, he changed his name to Henry Howard Holmes, whereby he later became known as H.H Homes. He studied medicine in Vermont, a small school, before he was admitted into the University of Michigan Medical School (Seltzer, 2008). While enrolled in the...
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Ethics, Media and Criminal Justice

Running Head: ETHICS, MEDIA AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE 1 ETHICS, MEDIA AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE 4 Ethics, Media and Criminal Justice Name Institution Professor Course Date There is a common belief among the society of professional journalism who mostly make up the media that public enlightenment is key to justice and the basis for democracy. Ethical journalism is therefore important and it strives to ensure freedom and fairness in exchange of information accurately. The will of the society and the integrity as well as privacy matters of any piece of information should...
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