Studying Criminology Course in College

I have always possess a great passion in studying a course under criminology in college. I am currently studying Criminal Justice at a community college where I have been working very hard and so far I have been volunteering to ride along with the West Valley Police department with an aim of wanting to learn more and expound on the knowledge that I have in the field. This passion is encouraged by the desire that I have on wanting to solve the criminal cases that are piling up in our societies so that I can help people to have a better community having less felonious cases. Through this I believe I can be able to create an environment that someday will be helpful to others in understanding and appreciating the important role that Criminal Justice System plays in our society. This course is important because of the increasing numbers of crimes in our society. Criminal Justice will produce enlightened students who understand the law and will be helpful in tackling these crimes to ensure they do not take place frequently when they are employed in the field after their studies.
I believe I am suitable for this course not only because of the passion that I have for it but also because of the willingness and dedication that is driving me inwardly to want to learn more about the criminal justice system. I have so far been in the field with the police therefore I have a little knowledge on what goes on and further pursuing of this course will broaden that knowledge to help me be a better person in the justice system. My intentions of wanting to study abroad is to get more information about the course and to understand how effectively the Criminal Justice system operates.

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