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Title: 1098 Lamp Post Ln, Millersville, MD 21108, USA
Arrest, Arson, Assault, Robbery, Shooting, Theft, Vandalism and Others
4th August 2016 through to 30th October 2016

Source: Millersville, Pennsylvania.
In general, it is possible to conclude that Millersville is a safe region both for residential and business purposes. From the data on the map, it is evident that security is paramount in the area owing to the numerous arrests that have been made. Moreover, there is only one case relating to shooting that should serve as a warning for the people residing close to that location. However, instances of theft seem to be quite rampant pushing forward for stricter measures.
General Impressions:
As the site makes use of Google maps to zero in on the specific zones where crime has taken place, it is possible to identifying even the specific buildings.

Title: San Diego, California, United States.

Arson, Assault, Burglary, Disturbing the Peace, Drugs/ Alcohol Violations, DUI, Fraud, Homicide, Motor vehicle theft, Robbery, Sex crimes, Theft/Larceny, Vandalism, Vehicle Break-in/Theft, Weapons, Sex Offender, Sexual Predator

27-10-2016 through to 2-11-2016

Source: San Diego, California, United States.,%20California,%20United%20States?id=GST7YMc0AM9UOsE9HhFtGTyVGST7YMc0AM9UOsE9DbTVHgA9HhB0Zcp0OhNtGMytaikZU5gEQ5gIQFc4Hhp0OSTaSsEqAZ43AP9zJikuGPAmIYxQGPT-CZc0YiD7DsKJCZyAOh5-Dn47Z5EpHg1uJbW0OTdF
Most cases of crime in San Diego are majorly those of drugs/alcohol violations followed by those related to assault and theft. Conversely, there are no extreme cases such as use of weapons and motor vehicle theft. However, the whole of San Diego explicates numerous accounts of crime that render the region a little unsafe for the residents and business people. Nonetheless, there are still some areas that show no signs of crime for example, towards the Southwest.

General Impressions:
The map is very comprehensive as it puts down quite an array of crimes making it possible for the dilettante to puts the area under scrutiny hence realizing what areas exhibit certain types of crimes.
Title: New York, USA.

Assault and Theft

25/10/2016 to 30/10/2016

· Assault

Source: New York, United States.
Based on only these two types of crime, from the map above, it is apparent that crime is quite rampant in New York owing to the huge population as well as high-profile police shootings that might have angered the citizens. Additionally, the most affected regions are near the Washington Square Park, Battery Park and also the New Museum, which appear to be easy targets for criminals.
General Impressions:
This map is very general and may not serve as a suitable basis for analysis of crime in New York. It only includes assault and theft, which are not pertinent in a situation where there are lots of other types of crime happening within the region.
Minneapolis, USA.
Burglary Business, Burglary Residential, Auto Theft, Theft From Motor vehicle. Larcency, Arson, Recovered Vehicles, Narcotics Arrests, Weapons Arrests, Loitering Arrests

January 21 – January 27, 2014

Source: Minneapolis, United States.
Burglary in both businesses and residential places seem to prove dominant in Minneapolis. Contrarily, there are absolutely no cases associated with arson or loitering arrests. In addition, apparently, most of the crime happens to be towards the North East side of Minneapolis and no crime or arrests recorded in central Minneapolis. The area to the West of the area exhibits minimal cases of crime probably due to the fact that it is less populated than the North East.

General Impressions:
One is able to assess the crime situation with utmost ease and maps out only the specific location of interest. The map is also of high quality by naming the various streets hence efficient in identifying locations.

First District, Metropolitan Police Department

Total Violent Crime

Between 10/03/2016 and 11/02/2016

Source: First District, Metropolitan Police Department.
This map specifically focuses on the total violent crime within the first district. It is worrying to notice many such crimes that signifies that the area in general is not very safe hence implying that it requires better security measures. In addition, the violent crimes are clustered within certain locations, which makes it much easier for the pertinent authorities to take charge of the situation. However, total violent crime still manages to be much less than the total property.

General Impressions:
This map is particularly impressive due to the fact that one is able to easily generate maps based on the different crimes. There are also specific maps that indicate total violent crime, total property within the area as well total crime.

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