Cyber ​​Security Tasks and Their Solution

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Cyber Security Tasks

Cyber Security Tasks
Task One
· Is this an isolated case?
The Heartbleed case is not isolated. Over the past several years, numerous security breaches orchestrated through cyber-attacks have been evident in the United States and around the globe. As people increase their technological know-how, cases of cyber-attacks, continue to manifest. For instance, the “Mafiaboy” hacker who in 2000 hacked the National Security Agency illustrates a security breach of proportions that hurt the public. Also, in 2009, Gonzales a hacker who stole millions by hacking financial institutions which indicate the cases are not isolated. (Lee Rainie & Maeve Duggan, 2014)
· If your personal date had been/was involved, would you have taken action to change passwords or other security settings as some did and why?
Once any individual is even minutely affected by any cyber-attack is vulnerable, it is vital that he or she consider changing any online personal information. In this particular case, I would change my personal data because it is impossible to know for sure whether the information was accessed by the hackers. Also, changing the passwords and the other security setting would prevent my data’s vulnerability in case of another attack. The reason to change would the security would be to protect any probability of identity theft or even financial security breach.
Task Two
· What are the most relevant cyber security issues that should be addressed by individuals, businesses, and governments?
According to the video, several pronounced cyber security issues require utmost attention of stakeholders in the United States. Some of these problems include theft of intellectual property and service attacks. In the video, according to Keith Alexander, more concern should be placed on the constant attacks that cause disruption that may eventually lead to destruction. All elements of the American community should be concerned with the extent of data disrupted or stolen by hackers. Alexander insists that such disruptions or destructions can affect American organizations which in turn influence the American community as a whole. (Cyber Gridlock: Why the public should care, 2012)
· For government and business, how can websites best be protected?
Protection of websites means the collaboration of all institutions is they governmental or non-governmental. Web sites can be protected through transparency. Transparency between all government agencies and also between the private and the public sector will enable sharing of information on any anomalies recognized. According to the video, educating the public on cybersecurity will enable people to take more actions in protecting their information and data. Keith Alexander also proposes the formation of a team from different government agencies and the public that will be responsible for the monitoring, protecting and preventing cyber-attacks or any online security breach. (Cyber Gridlock: Why the public should care, 2012)
· For individuals, how can they safeguard their identities, and what does it mean to “protect one’s identity?”
Individuals can protect their identities by ensuring their security settings are highly protected and not vulnerable to attacks. In the video, Steve Inskeep highlights the importance of continually changing the passwords will protect people’s identities while also ensuring the passwords are difficult to decipher. For instance, avoiding “password” password is one step to protection. The video emphasizes that individuals must be able to recognize malware and viruses in their computer systems and how to eradicate them. Protecting one’s identity means ensuring that all the details about an individual like the social security number are protected to prevent theft by cyber criminals. (Cyber Gridlock: Why the public should care, 2012)
Task Three
· What is the central mission of the NSA
The National Security Agency is one of the intelligence agencies of the United States, and its mission is to gather intelligence, detect threats and protect American secrets through the utilization of the most modern technology. The NSA, through its National Security Operations Center, uses its intelligence system to gather information that is used by the United States administration to protect citizens of the United States. (Geographic, 2014)
· What impact did the events surroundings 9/11 have on the NSA?
With the atrocities that befell the American community on 9/11, the NSA increased its span of intelligence gathering by encompassing more aspects like analysis of weapons systems, radars, telemetry signals, ballistic missile launchers and the like. Also, the NSA closed its doors to the public by restricting any recording of its operations and headquarters until this video was shot. Also, terrorist organizations became the prime targets of the NSA, with the organization working around the clock to curb their activities. Terrorism and its different aspects became the prime aspects. Also, the resources gained after 9/11 increased the NSA technological span. (Geographic, 2014)
· How has the landscape of potential threats to the U.S changed in the past 30 to 40 years?
Over the past several decades threats to the United States have transformed. In the past, more of the potential threats were based on non-technological threats and domestic criminal activities. Threats have transformed to include terrorism as the main threat which means terrorists and their activities are the most renowned potential threats. Also, other adversaries include nation states and cyber attackers. Cyber-attacks are gaining momentum which means, threats through cyber security and technological attacks are gaining a foothold as main threats. Also, protection of information has become a vital aspect of the NSA and other intelligent agencies.
Task Four
· What impact if any do you feel this conflict between Ukraine, Russia, and the Western world might have had on this cyber-attack?
The JPMorgan cyber-attack was allegedly orchestrated by Russian hackers. The attack was connected to the conflict between Russia and the Western World. The dispute between Russia and Ukraine caused a myriad of sanctions on Russian companies in an attempt by the West to discourage Russia from continuing the conflict. As such, the hackers might have been incensed by the sanctions which would cripple the country economically and might have orchestrated the hack as a response to this situation. Attacking the financial institutions is a clear illustration of this phenomenon. (Michael Riley & Jordan Robertson, 2014)
· If you feel the allegations are unfounded, why do you think that is true?
As explained in the article, some experts claimed that the complexity of the attack and the sophistications that accompanied the process cannot be orchestrated by normal cyber criminals or hackers. Also, Russia’s policy of reactionary attacks means that the probability that they orchestrated the attacks is higher than normal. As such, the allegations that they orchestrated the attacks are not unfounded. (Michael Riley & Jordan Robertson, 2014)
· What do you think should be done about this attack?
With the allegations that this attack was orchestrated by the Russian government and will circumstantial evidence indicating so, it would be vital for security and intelligence agencies to collaborate to ensure the allegations are vindicated with more concrete evidence. In addition, if Russia is implicated, there should be a well-defined process that will resolve the issue and avoid retaliatory attacks that may lead to economic degradation or a loss of life.

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