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1. Overall thought of the Google
Essentially Google is a multinational technology which is concerned mainly with provision of different services such as the cloud computing, online advertising and other online services. Google significant profits are accrued, just as we have seen in the documentary from ad words. This service places any form of advertising into close to the list of search final results. The company was introduced in 1996 by two duos, Larry page and his counterpart surgery Brin. They, collectively own about 15% of the entire company share and more than half number of stockholder power of voting in this company (Schmidt ).
· Reasons I would like to work in Google
There are many advantages that would compel any individual to work in the Google Company. Primarily operating in this company is primarily a technology fanatic dream of every person. Employees acquire great perks and benefits as we have seen in the documentary.
They save on the cost of food which is provided on a daily basis. The diet is healthy and luxurious. They also enjoy the privilege of getting free dinner on occasion they are set to work late at night. The company hosts various coffee bars as well As hostels to serve its employees.
Moreover, the employees can bring with them their pets such as cats, dogs in their places of work without any restriction (Schmidt ). This freedom, in the long run, helps in building and strengthening the employee’s morale and put strong their energy. Consequently this helps the coworkers in establishing and encountering new workers hence enhancing diversity in various issues.
Also, the employees of the Google get to use the product in the company that has not yet been released . The advantage that comes with this is that they can get to use the respective product s to get various activities running.This offers the employees in the company a profound feeling existing in future since they have attained the experience of using the products,
· Reasons /disadvantages of working in Google
However, it is not all fun, working in this company.There exists various shortcoming that comes along with working in this abusiness. Just as we have seen in the documentary, employees will find a number of reasons not fit them as long as they are working in this company. The following provides some of the reasons to indicate this allegation (“Inside The Mind of Google – Full Documentary 720p”).
There is the aspect of personal stagnation. Most of the employees in the Google work in technical works. As such the staff do not increase their skills in other fields hence finds outside skills more challenging. This would impact a newly employed Google employer future work careers in case they decides to quit (Schmidt) .
There is also the likelihood of boredom while working in Google Company. Just like we have noted in the documentary, part of underemployment was seen in this company is performing work which can be viewed as either intellectually fulfilling or technical at the same time. In the long run, this could not work for someone for the first time. THE documentary provided us as one of the reasons most people quit working in this company.
There is also insufficiency as small problem occurrence in this company translates that work each employer performs and is less importance. In the end, such employees end up quitting the job in this company.
2. Privacy/security concerns with the Google
The Google privacy modifications allow the firm in data sharing across diverse services in the field of technology. Various concerns of privacy in Google include embedded services in many third party sites that either makes use of analytics as well as ad sense. However, this privacy concern was negated for generating an environment that prevents Internet connection establishment by making internet consumers fear in using this technology (Schmidt ). The Privacy International has generated a need that concerns the peril that comes with privacy results of having central located data firm of internet users performing their searches. The privacy may be seen in the data leaks, cookies, and data tracking.
Another privacy and security concern is the application of constant application of pseudonym having different anonymity. This, as we have noted in the documentary, allows users to denote authentic personality which can pose a privacy concern in the Google. The company, however, is coming up with policies of usage of metonyms and pseudonyms seen among its users. This concern has been put in place to prevent spam issues in the company. The documentary noted that most policy and security concern issues do not prevent the issue of trolls as the social media platform controls its social norms (“Inside The Mind of Google – Full Documentary 720p”).

3. Ad words
The Google ready creative tools are more advantageous to business people performing their advertising online. This is more important to them if they lacked enough funds in creating banners. Ad words help in enhancing the process of generating banner including the ad formats which are fast and convenient. They also provide many arrangements possibilities and editing options to business (Schmidt ).This tool also has easy build button color options, friendly to users. Moreover, it’s convenient in creating singular products goods among the business people.
However, the disadvantage of this to business people as noted in the documentary may be seen in the lack of chances in depicting ads, especially in mobile gadgets. Another disadvantage may be seen on the fact that there is a significant inaccessibility in network display. For this reason, there is a great competition for the ad spaces among the business peoples.
Ad sense in business
AdSense is an important tool for the webmasters in various businesses. They have the ability in removing the worry of maintaining a site in a company. In this regard, the tool enables the business and web hosts in generating a meaningful content that concerns a site. Moreover, ad sense is a better strategy in creating revenue in business. This can be achieved by constantly creating quality content which is competitive in the market. This has done many businesses to realize profound profit out of this tool (Schmid).
As a disadvantage, ad sense can be a big loss to some business as they are paid peanuts per click in every program. Also they don’t inform business the percentage of the click income they would accrue. Moreover, it is hard to know where to focus your business content to as they don’t guide the user the ads usage.
4. Founders of Google
The two founders of Google were Larry page and Sergey Brin. The firm was founded in the year 1996 by the two duos who were PHD students at Stanford University. In the “Inside the Mind of Google” documentary, the CEO at the time of staging (2009) was Eric Schmidt. He was an American based software engineer. The current Google CEO is Sunder Pichai. He is an Indian-American based business investor.
At the time of assignment sub missal, the stock price of Google is 753.22 USD. This value is (2.40%) drop from the previous stock price. (15/11/2016).
5. What was learnt from “Inside the Mind of Google – Full Documentary:
The I hour clip provides a fascinating story of how two duos students did a comprehensive research project in the field of technology to bring a transformation in the business sectors(“Inside The Mind of Google – Full Documentary 720p”). From this clip, we are able to learn a lot of things especially in the changing the ways we use the internet. I found the Google fascinating due to how it is transforming in every day. Moreover, it’s interesting how gouge treats its employees. They provide freedom of work to them and can do what they want. Moreover, the Google remain best and fascinating as it users can get free messages that are redeemable especially to those productive employees in the company.

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