The Number of Sets for Men and Women in the Grand Slam Tournaments

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In the tennis events, for example, the WTA and the ATP sports, usually both the men and women play the best of 3 sets. This, however, is different when it comes to the grand slams. At the grand slams, men usually play five sets. The primary reason for this is that men are usually more enduring and possess more strength as compared to the women. Though I am a misogynist, a 5 set match usually takes a period of 5 hours, in disregard to a 3 EPIC set match that only takes 3 hours (Paserman, 2007).
In the history of tennis, that is 1984-1998, women did play 5 set competition games in the conclusion of that year. Alluding from these, there has been a lot of discussions that women should play five sets like men because they are paid the similar amounts as men even though they play the lower number of sets. This brings me to a view that, in this game, it is all about strength and endurance. I have a personal believe that this take, is relative as women compete based on endurance and strength just like men (Fernandez, Mendez-Villanueva,& Pluim,2006).
In case women are to complete the five sets, I believe that the overall scores, weight and time may be lower though relative. The end results are that the women are going to wear down in the tough matches that are very long, alike the men. I believe therefore women playing the five sets are equivalent to adding fatigue and injuries to the women. In case that decision is implemented, I have a personal conviction that we are going to witness more walkover results and retirements than we see currently. On a light note, I believe that as women are changing to the best of 5, men should switch to the best of 3 (Spencer, 2000).

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