The Problem of Richard III and the Delight of Henry V

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The Problem of Richard III and the Delight of Henry V
Richard recites the lines to his audience at the start of the play. The speech does serve several purposes. From his speech, the author moves his audience through the mood that he creates and the choice of words that he uses. He first speaks of the fighting that happened recently and states that all clouds that actually loured upon their house (Alexander 23). The symbol of the son of York was the sun, according to which the person states that he dispelled the house. Richard actually paints a very clear and vivid picture in the minds of people or the audience, when he describes the white men putting aside the armour and the arms and as they celebrate in happiness and peace, which culminates in an image of the war god soothing his fierce and rough appearance and then laying part of the lover in a woman’s chamber (Alexander 24).
All such images that Richard paints, makes to the audience very clear that he has no justification for making a seizure of the throne. The England is obviously not under any oppression or tyranny and the brother of Richard is actually holding the throne. As the play comes to a conclusion, the crowd or the audience is left in a reaction that is not distinct. Shakespeare uses such a series of virtues in every character to build up the play. The crowd is left with a feeling of pity for Richard iii and a feeling of hatred or blame towards Henry V (Alexander 27). The statements that Richard makes in his pleas are stimulating such a sympathy feeling in the audience. The character that Shakespeare gives to Henry V is such as to demonstrate a man who is inhuman and careless, leaving the audience with overflowing emotions.
Work cited
Alexander, Peter. Shakespeare’s Henry VI and Richard III. Cambridge University Press, 2014.

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