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“The Tempest” Is a Condemnation of Colonialism in the Negative

Surname 6 The Tempest Is a Condemnation of Colonialism in the Negative Name Institution Course Professor Date The nations that exist today are a system of governance that proves to be highly effective and thus has been accepted all over the world. This acceptance does not indicate satisfaction from every community because it is a system that had originated from Europe but was spread out during the colonial period (Brevik, Frank, 52). Most of the things that are done today and how they are done all had a point of...
Shakespeare Studies
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The Tragedy of “Julius Caesar” by Shakespear

Surname 3 SHAKESPEAR JULIUS CAESAR PLAY Name Professor Course Date In the play ‘The Tragedy of Julius Caesar’ by Shakespear, during Caesar’s parade on the feast of Lupercal, Caesar is warned by a soothsayer to ‘Beware the ides of March’. It happened in (Act 1 2 Scene) during their conversation. Caesar ignored and disregarded this warning. ‘The Idles of March’ refer to date March 15th the date Julius Caesar was assassinated by the Roman conspirators. Despite the soothsayer gives coolest lines in the play, no one pays attention to what...
Shakespeare Studies
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Similarities and Differences Between Shakespeare’s Play and “Romeo and Juliet” Film

Surname 4 Name Professor Course Date Similarities and differences between Shakespeare’s Play and the Romeo and Juliet Film Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ has stood the test of time where literature witnesses daily changes in the form and styles of writing. This is attributed to his prowess of using language as a tool to transforming ordinary events that can otherwise be termed as boring, into new and interesting pieces of art. For instance, the themes of love and hatred had been exhausted long before and several decades after, but nothing...
Shakespeare Studies
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Insights From “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams

Surname 1 Surname 2 Student’s Name: Instructor: Course Code: Date: Insights from “A streetcar named desire” by Tennessee Williams Compare and contrast Mitch and Stanley with respect to what appear to be their attitudes toward desire and the opposite sex. Stanley and Mitch have expressed desire in different on marriage and love. However, there are notable difference in character and attitude towards the opposite sex. Mitch is caring, loving and gentle towards women whereas Stanley is violent and perceives the traditional lifestyle where he sees himself as the head. For...
Shakespeare Studies
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The Problem of Richard III and the Delight of Henry V

Surname 1 Name Professor Course Date The Problem of Richard III and the Delight of Henry V Richard recites the lines to his audience at the start of the play. The speech does serve several purposes. From his speech, the author moves his audience through the mood that he creates and the choice of words that he uses. He first speaks of the fighting that happened recently and states that all clouds that actually loured upon their house (Alexander 23). The symbol of the son of York was the sun,...
Shakespeare Studies
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“Othello, Venetian Moor” is a play by William Shakespeare

Surname 2 Name Professor Course Date Christian colonel Has the author explored multiple issues in one or two of the plays through extensive research?Christian colonial as a writer has too much interest in giving deep information about the contents of Shakespeare’s merchant of Venice. This is a weakness to any writer because he should at list provide her readers with some background information about the work of Shakespeare and also an overview of the play. She has depicted well the causes of women criticism and came up with some of...
Shakespeare Studies
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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Act 2 Scene 2

Name Professor Course Date The Tragedy of Julius Caesar act 2 Scene 2 Caesar can be said to be superstitious with her wife Calpurnia, having a gift in prophecy which matches with her elements in the play that are supernatural. Caesar’s ego leads him to think that the omens are meant for him but he rubbishes of the idea as it would conflict with the belief of him being unshakable. Caesar is trapped in a way; he is obliged to ignore the omens even if they predict his death as...
Shakespeare Studies
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The Importance of Disguise in “The Merchant of Venice”

Surname 3 The Importance of Disguise in the Merchant of Venice Name Tutor Institution Course Date The Importance of Disguise in the Merchant of Venice Disguise is a literary device in plays that involves altering or changing the character's appearance to conceal or hide the character's identity. The device of disguise plays an essential role in human interaction and development of a play. Disguise is an important device because it allows a character to be someone he/she is not and do things they normally cannot do. Shakespeare, in his play...
Shakespeare Studies
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“The Taming of the Shrew” is a five-act play by William Shakespeare

Surname 2 Name Tutor Course Date Shylock Shylock is a Jewish and one of the complex characters in Shakespeare story and who the father to Jessica is. Antonio is one of his Enemy. Kate in the play “the Taming of the Shrew” is the daughter to Baptista Minola and despite being the first born, she is not married following the fact that she is temperamental, and no man would be willing to marry her. The character traits of shylock and Kate displays Shakespeare is a negative light in many ways....
Shakespeare Studies
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The Main Problems of Women in “Othello”

Surname 2 Name Institution Course Date Topic: Female criticism Annotated Bibliography Peters, Jeri. The Trouble With Gender in Othello: A Butlerian Reading of William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice. Diss. 2007. This thesis sought to explain critically major issues affecting women from ancient time. Peters argues that power was defined regarding sexuality. Male species were superior while women are supposed to be submissive and inferior. Any form of deviant is met with severe consequence. For instance, going against the socially accepted norms can result to demise....
Shakespeare Studies
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