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Role of Money in America: Inequality

Surname 4 Role of Money in America (Inequality) Name Professor Institution Course Date Outline I. Introduction a. Attention Getter b. Thesis Statement: Money is the sole cause of gross economic inequalities in the American society causing disparities in income distribution II. Economic and Income Inequality in America a. Economic Inequality b. Income Inequality In America III. Production of Money and Inequality a. Monetary supply b. Distributive Effect IV. Inequality through Labor Market a. Market Determines Wages b. Interaction between Labor Supply and Demand V. Financial Sector and Inequality a. America...
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Regulatory Capture in Nuclear Industry

Regulatory Capture 15 Regulatory Capture Name Name of class Tutor Name of school City and State Date Table of Contents Regulatory Capture 3 Regulatory Explanation of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster 5 Regulatory Capture in Japan 6 Role of Safety Regulation 7 Regulatory Capture in China and U.S 9 Weakness of Chinese nuclear regulation systems 9 Regulatory Capture in Chinese Nuclear Industry 9 Regulatory System in US 10 Conclusion 11 Recommendations 12 References 14 Regulatory Capture The examination of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident by parliamentary panel reveals that disaster was...
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Hollywood Movie Studios in Recession

HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STUDIOS RECESSION Name professor Institution Date Running head: Hollywood Movie Studios in Recession 1 Hollywood Movie Studios in Recession 6 HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STUDIOS RECESSION Name professor Institution Date Introduction The recession of the movie industry in 1968 triggered losses of up to $500 million due to low attendance and ultimately left up to 40 percent of filmmakers being rendered unemployed (Carini, 2000). With the development of TV movies, more people focused on staying at home rather than going to the movies. Also, with more international films being developed,...
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Time Series Models for Forecasting New One-Family Houses Sold in the U.S.

TIME SERIES MODELS FOR FORECASTING NEW ONE-FAMILY HOUSES SOLD IN THE U.S. Name of the institution Name of student Date INTRODUCTION Since 2005, the general economy has not been consistent. Resultantly, it has adversely affected the housing market. It is important to note that over the last one decade, there has been sharp drop in the housing prices that have resulted in the rise on the loan prices. The year 2007 is a remarkable period that proved to be adversely affected by the drop in the house prices. In this...
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Profitability and Efficiency of Volkswagen and Peugeot

Running head: PROFITABIOLITY AND EFFICIENCY OF VOLKSWAGEN AND PEUGEOT 1 PROFITABIOLITY AND EFFICIENCY OF VOLKSWAGEN AND PEUGEOT 5 Profitability and efficiency of Volkswagen and Peugeot Name Institution Professor Course Date Recommendations When it comes to production, partnership is essential. Volkswagen`s business partners include, Microsoft, Symantec, Facebook and IBM, all made to be technological services (Preston, 2012). On the other hand, Peugeot has several partners who are focused mostly on advertisement and transaction. For instance, PayPal facilitates transactions on behave of Peugeot benefiting by 0.05% of the sales of their services...
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Major Events in Past Ten Years and Their Impacts to the World

Surname 1 6 Name Institution Course Date Major Events in Past Ten Years and Their Impacts to the World In the recent ten years, there have been a lot of events that have had impacts on the world we live today. Obama was elected as the President of the United States. Obama as the president has been able to deal with economic inequality. Since then, a lot of changes has happened in America and have also affected the world as a whole. For instance, there has been economic inequality between...
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Pathogens Are More Prone to Change Than Our Defense System

Running Head: JOURNAL 1 JOURNAL 2 Journal Name Institution Professor Course Date These evolving pathogens have been associated with adverse effects to the human health as they get into human food, natural resources as well as water supplies. A researcher by the World Health Organization reported a case of these pathogens especially in tuberculosis as in 2015 they discovered 580,000 cases of tuberculosis that proved to be resistant to the provided medication (Elizabeth, 2015). Also there is increases tendency of resistance to drugs by HIV, malaria as well as the...
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Macroeconomics: Risks for the US Economy

Surname1 Name Professor Course Name Macroeconomics The health of the economy is presented as continuing to improve and this is informed by an inflation rate that has continued to be held down though the improvement is expected to decline. This is indicated in the assertion that “inflation is expected to rise to a level of 2 percent in the medium term” (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 29). The health of the economy is expected to improve further driven by the stabilization of financial markets in foreign countries...
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Ben Shalom Bernanke is an American economist

Running head: Ben Bernanke 1 Ben Bernanke Name Professor Institution Course Date Abstract The American economy has undergone changes since time in memorial. There were times when recessions would make the economy unstable while peaks would make it better. Understanding the best method to use in stabilizing the American economy was a tough and challenging task (Bernanke, 2013). There was need to have an individual who clearly understood the best measures to apply in making it stable. After the retiring of Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke took over having met the...
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Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy

Surname 2 Name Professor Course Date Monetary policy and Fiscal policy The characteristics of the current monetary and fiscal policy in our country are similar as the two have similar aims and objectives for the economy stabilization. They are both applied so as to:keep inflation in the low (inflation target of 2%), to maintain a positive economic growth for a continuous period of time (close to long run trend rate of 2.5%), and also to aim at the full employment. The main aim of fiscal and monetary policy is for...
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