Pathogens Are More Prone to Change Than Our Defense System

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These evolving pathogens have been associated with adverse effects to the human health as they get into human food, natural resources as well as water supplies. A researcher by the World Health Organization reported a case of these pathogens especially in tuberculosis as in 2015 they discovered 580,000 cases of tuberculosis that proved to be resistant to the provided medication (Elizabeth, 2015). Also there is increases tendency of resistance to drugs by HIV, malaria as well as the recent threats of Ebola and Zika whose evolution are very hard to predict (Elizabeth, 2015).
This bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses have been found by scientist to have an upper hand evolution ability that outraces the defense system of their hosts which in turn becomes deadly superbugs. The disease causing micro-organisms such as Escherichia coli have been found to possess the power of doubling their numbers with seventeen minutes, this hinders development of new forms of treatment as they have irregular evolving pattern (Elizabeth, 2015).
I think new treatment form of these bacteria can be found through intensive analysis of those disease causing micro-organisms to at least establish their evolving pattern. This will ensure human health is never at risk. The affected people by this disease causing micro-organisms can as well be excluded to prevent further spread for easy treatment. When they are constrained within certain place outracing they replication will be easy than when is allowed to spread in a vast population.

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