Kimpton Hotels Online Marketing Strategy

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Kimpton Hotels Online Marketing Strategy

Kimpton Hotels launched their new customer website and blog, improving many areas that the company initially overlooked. One of the most important goals that the company seeks to achieve in re-launching their website and blog is to improve their brand awareness and also inspire trust from their customers. The company’s main business clients are business executives. The need to have a known brand that the customer can relate to is essential to the overall number of customers that visit the Kimpton hotels on an annual basis. The company, therefore, set first to streamline their web design and content in a way that allowed the customers to feel as though the culture at Kimpton had transcended distance through their website. These two qualities allowed the company to strengthen the rapport that they have with clients and create new relationships with new clients.
Creating awareness is a difficult feat to achieve. It, however, is also one of the most rewarding methods of approaching rebranding of the website. The ultimate goal of re-launching was to ensure that they have a wider brand presence and therefore more clients. To be able to realize this, the company would have to make the customers feel as though their experience at any one of the Kimpton hotels was with them whenever they looked on to the website. The key was not to make the website more picture-focused but to improve on the overall number of active online viewer per day.
The company tried to achieve this by first ensuring that they partner with ten content writers in around the Kimpton Hotels. Their clients would, therefore, be able to get a look at the activities around the hotels, whether in New York or Washington DC. The company’s content writers were instructed to write interesting pieces of the activities that guests of the hotel could do. They wrote Wine and learning experiences that the customers were able to experience in visiting either hotel.

The content of the company website and blog was split 50-50 between the hotel content and non-hotel content. The experience of the surroundings of the hotels had to match the experience of the hotels themselves. Initially, the company used a method called, ‘ Live like a Local’ and used their staff to give interesting pieces on activities guests of the hotels could take part in during their stay at any one of the hotels. This information was however redirected to the blog leaving the website with enough room for newer content. The company’s brand presence was already strong among the customers. To improve this, the company would have to ensure that they connected with every individual that visited the website.
Knowing that the main guests of the hotels were businessmen, the company had to make the website and blogs standard in their design. This would put emphasis on the overall company brand and thereby improve the overall experience. Structurally, the company also had to improve the general efficiency of their sites. Design changes warranted the upgrade of certain features like the websites, search engine. The hotel also improved the quality of images that they used on both website and blog. They wanted to prompt their audience to come and visit one of the hotels. One way that they would do this was using full-width photographs that were high definition and captured the hotel ambiance.

The company clients were very time sensitive. This meant that the company’s site had to ensure that this way of life did not interfere with. Their booking engine also was improved to ensure that should the need to book a room arise, client would be able to make reservations with ease. The modern website uses a one-page format as opposed to several pages. This is because, with increased use of the mobile handset, persons are more inclined to scroll than they are to click on different pages. The company in doing this had eliminated a lot of the different inconsistencies that other web pages present to their customers.
In order to ensure that this goal was achieved, the company had to monitor the company traffic and ensure that a specific threshold was maintained all year round. They realized that the browsing experience of a website affected the ability of clients to look into the company site frequently. In response to this, the company looked to ensure that the usability and navigation of tier site were spots on. In addition to this, the company wanted to increase the volume of content about the company experience. A visit to one of the Kimpton hotels meant that one did not simply go to the hotel but rather went on a journey. In addition to this, the company also wanted some of the fine cuisines of the hotel was also exhibited on the company website. The company CEO said that upon site of the company web page, the clients would ‘taste the soup in the bowl.’

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