Psychological Testing and Assessment Report



Psychological Testing and Assessment

Psychological Report
After analyzing the data and the information provided to me about a client named Arthur, it dawned on me that the boy was closely observed by his teacher for some time in class. The teacher was confident that the observations made proved the presence of a psychological problem, which requires an immediate action before it gets too late. The parents took heed of the advice given to them and referred the boy to a psychological specialist. The action that the parents took was actually the best, and it was well timed. The boy stands higher chances of rectification, and his life will go on normally.
From the data provided, Arthur appears absent in mind, something that makes him not concentrate in class work. Further, it is clear that he faced some difficulty at the time of his birth. Complications when giving birth increase chances of slow mental development, and it eventually lowers the concentration of the victim (Harvey, 2004). The situation further accelerates mood swings, which is a common character found in the boy. More to that, due to the slow mental development, he is found to relatively careless in the manner in which he handles his belongings. Insomnia is also a feature found in the boy, and he finds himself sleeping at wee hours of the morning which is not common to children of his age.
Inadequate sleeping time denies a person the necessary rest for the brain (Medalia, et al. 2009). The victim, if a learner, will have poor ability to comprehend in class and tackle the assignments effectively. The mental activity eventually slows down (Davey, et al. 2006). The boy is one of those with the aforementioned effects, which is brought about by his lack of sufficient enough time. The result is that the academic performance will definitely go down, and that explains the reason behind his quarrel with the parents. It is important that the situation was noted earlier to facilitate a hasty rectification and assist the boy accordingly. All the above facts show that the boy has a problem and needs assistance as early as possible.
In essence, therefore, the boy needs to receive a close attention from a psychology professional, and this is the person who will determine whether there is need for a medical attention or not. His age is not advanced, and that means he has higher chances of receiving the necessary treatment and enjoy a good life afterwards. There is need for the teacher to continue assessing him in school, and report to the parent about the progress made by the victim. On the other hand, the father is strongly advised to take his time and understand the reasons behind the diminishing performance of his son. By so doing, he will be in a position to assist him and avoid quarrels.
At this stage, the child needs to find love from all corners, from home, to school, and the entire society. The parents are recommended to take the necessary steps and seek the services of a doctor if they are advised to do so by the psychologist. The condition in Arthur is psychological in nature, and that does not mean that it cannot be corrected. It is, therefore, the right time to deliberate on the issue and chart the way forward. The boy has all the chances to live a meaningful life like the other members of his age group.

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