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Exploration of Andy’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Case

Exploration of Andy’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Case Andy is an adult and male person who has been in firefighting job for more than 20 years. He once experienced an event while working that made him to experience posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He was in the course of discharging his duties when he was supposed to remove the remains of the three bodies after their house burnt down. Despite the fact that this event happened so many years back, it later came to haunt him 17 years later(Post-traumatic stress...
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Psychological Testing and Assessment Report

Running head: PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING AND ASSESSMENT 1 PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING AND ASSESSMENT Psychological Testing and Assessment Name Institution Professor Course Date Psychological Report After analyzing the data and the information provided to me about a client named Arthur, it dawned on me that the boy was closely observed by his teacher for some time in class. The teacher was confident that the observations made proved the presence of a psychological problem, which requires an immediate action before it gets too late. The parents took heed of the advice given to them...
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Increased Risk of Alcohol and Drug Use among Children from deployed Military Families

Analysis of the Article, Increased Risk of Alcohol and Drug Use among Children from deployed Military Families by Acion et al Abstract Many studies that have been conducted reveal that the Children whose their parents are military officers tend to experience a myriad of challenges when their parents are away on duty. Acion et al, (2013), are among the scholars that have explored the association between these children and consumption of alcohol and other drugs. This paper aims at analyzing the research that was conducted by Acion et al, on...
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“When a Man Loves a Woman” Is a Drama Directed by Luis Mandoki

RUNNING HEAD: When a Man Loves a Woman (1994) When a Man Loves a Woman (1994) 9 Topic Name Institute When a Man Loves a Woman (1994) Introduction Alcoholism can easily affect individual’s and entire family’s happy moments. In most cases, alcoholic families and individual suffer from physical, psychological abandonment due to the challenges involved in dealing with addictive alcoholic behavior. A real time example of such family and individual is represented in the movie “When a Man Loves a Woman.” The movie revolves around two couples, Alice Green the...
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Showing Off In Class Treatment Plan Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Running Head: SHOWING OFF IN CLASS TREATMENT PLAN 1 SHOWING OFF IN CLASS TREATMENT PLAN 4 Showing Off In Class Treatment Plan Student’s Name Professor’s Name Institution Course Date Diagnosis (Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) Featuring the “Showing off’ case study, the diagnosis that I would construct would be the Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). According to American Psychiatric Association (2013), this disease is common with children or adolescents and is characterized by disruptive behaviors of other children around them as well as being stubborn to those in authority. As evidenced in...
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Social Psychological Analysis of Hillary Clinton

Name professor Institution Course Date Social Psychological Analysis of Hillary Clinton The word self-concept is an overall term used to describe how somebody thinks about, assesses or remarks themselves. As psychologist, I describe Mrs. Clinton’s character in positions of her Bright Side (how she characteristically behaves) as well as her Dark Side (in what manner she behaves once under stress or once she lets her safeguard down). Obviously, I do not recognize Mrs. Clinton individually and I don’t know chance to assess her behavior professionally. However, as a psychologist I...
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Community Support and Trauma Recovery

Running head: RELATIONSHIPS AND TRAUMA RECOVERY 1 RELATIONSHIPS AND TRAUMA RECOVERY 2 Relationships and Trauma Recovery Name Course Professor Date Trauma recovery is essential in a society where people face different problems and atrocities in their lives. The community plays a critical part in the recovery process and it’s essential in giving the trauma patients a chance at a good and productive life. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a common disorder among people in the society since it can affect people in any age. However, PTSD is more pronounced among rape...
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Anxiety Disorder and the State of General Persistent Anxiety

Surname 8 Anxiety disorders Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction If there are chronic conditions that can result in panic and fear, then the anxiety disorders are the giants among them. The disorders are common among adults, adolescents and few cases in children subjecting them to enormous financial constraints incurred during treatments and diagnosis. The anxiety disorders are mental disorders exhibited in people who portray excessive worry and anxiety when faced with challenging occasions like an interview, addressing an audience and meeting strangers. This makes the victim so uncertain about...
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William Perry’s Cognitive Development Among the College Students

Surname 4 Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date of submission William Perry’s Cognitive Development among the College Students Change is inevitable, and every person from birth goes through the development process, both in their reasoning abilities and physical development. The cognitive development in humanity is the proof of why there exist different ability in people as they grow up, and human brains and reasoning ability keep changing depending on their age and experience they usually witness in their environment. In William Perry’s initial research on the cognitive development, he brought...
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Theory of Mind and Oxytocin: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study

Theory of Mind and Oxytocin: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study Theory of Mind and Oxytocin: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study Document subtitle Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Method 6 Sample 6 Measures & Procedure 6 Results 6 Discussion 8 References 10 List of Figures Figure 1 Table showing RMET scores 7 Figure 2 Graph showing the effect of each condition 8 Abstract Inference of one's internal state is an important aspect of social interaction among human beings. By such inference, we can make some sense of and predict...
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