Sponsoring RCV Company by Mysteryland Music Festival

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Sponsoring RCV Company by Mysteryland Music Festival
Music festivals collectively attract a large number of people. The influence of this attraction on brand marketing and company sponsorship cannot be ignored by any organization focusing on maximizing returns. Mysteryland Music Festival alone attracts approximately 200,000 party goers every year. This number is large enough to warrant RCV to market their products and services through during the festivals.
The fact that the music festivals are held both in the United States and Netherlands at specified periods during the year offers the best opportunity for RCV to expand its operations globally. Globalization is one of the current issues in company expansion. It provides an efficient strategy for a company’s products to be purchased around the world (Leenders, Mark A.A.M. 293). Mysteryland Music festivals are also expanding globally to harness new opportunities in new markets. With its expansion, it can carry with it the brand name of RCV to the new markets which in turn increases the company’s profits (Kerin, Roger A et al. 56).
There are several reasons which make music festivals ideal for a company sponsorship. The first reason relates to the positive mood created by these festivals. From music scholars and specialists, listening to music and attending uplifts the souls resulting into a positive attitude. With the adoption of a positive mood by the party goers, a company can communicate the core messages of their brands, increase the loyalty of the consumers, and generate brand buzz in a funny and exciting way (Zeiser, Anne 17). Such avenues provide opportunities to get new customers since the brand promotion will deviate from other conventional ways such as media advertising. Incorporating RVC brands during the festival through various forms such as free gifts are efficient marketing strategies since the partygoers will have a brand experience on the spot (Zeiser, Anne 19).
Most companies are reluctant to allow music festivals to offer them exclusive sponsorship. Some of the reasons include distractions from well-established brands, circus shows and different music tents struggling to get attention (Kerin, Roger A et al. 72). RVC may have thought about some of these reasons as well. However, at Mysteryland Festivals, there are several checks put in place to ensure that brand promotion is carried out smoothly as possible. Mysteryland Music Festival has partnered with brand advertising planners which ensure that the products of RVC will be incorporated during the several music performances. The times when setting up a tent at a music festival guaranteed promotion are long gone. RVC products will form part of the stage while connecting with the audience through offering free samples and other strategies (Leenders, Mark A.A.M. 295).
Other strategies for ensuring maximum brand promotions is proper planning for the weather and all eventualities and hiring excellent field staff to guide the party attendees through different brands. At Mysteryland this aspect is already taken care of through the sales and promotions department as well as through established partners. RCV will, therefore, have the best brand development strategies which are expert guided.
Statistics on company marketing suggests an increasing use of music festivals in the United States, to promote different company brands and products as illustrated in Figure 1.

From Figure 1 above, 32 million people attended music festivals in the US alone in the year 2014. The ages of the attendees are majorly early adulthood, with the sponsors being beverage companies in North America. More whites also attend the festivals annually going by data.
The authenticity of the brands is also crucial for companies. Being authentic with the company brands is critical in making an impact on the products to the music festival attendees (Leenders, Mark A.A.M. 297). Mysrtteryland is in a position to promote the authentic products of RCV by allowing them exclusive access all the contents for the Mysteryland events. RCV can share these materials on their different websites including information regarding various artists who performed. This perspective can attract more people to the events hence increasing the company’s customers (Zeiser, Anne 32).
RCV should also consider the sponsorship by Mysteryland because the music festival will provide a broad range of audiences. Some of the audiences include business decision makers, government entities, and a variety of customers. These people can provide valuable information which can steer the company to even greater heights (Zeiser, Anne 66). Through music festivals, the company can also obtain a pool of qualified staff which can contribute immensely to its growth. The fact that Mysteryland Music Festivals are held in more than one country, that is, Netherlands and the US, the company can easily break language and cultural barriers which are major hindrances to the international expansion of a company (Kerin, Roger A et al. 80).
Music events sponsorship also provides customers with the opportunity to gauge a business’s products and offer instant feedbacks which are very useful in decision making (Zeiser, Anne 47). The music festival events will provide the executives of RCV an opportunity to interact with customers firsthand. In marketing, the company-customer relations are crucial since through them; the company can identify its weaknesses and possible recommendations for improvements. Trying the products will also provide the customer the opportunity to specify their taste and preferences of the various clients. Knowing customer taste and preferences helps companies to produce products which perfectly suit customer needs (Leenders, Mark A.A.M. 300).
With the increased uptake of social media use, different marketers use the social media avenues to advertise their products. Social media is increasing becoming a valuable marketing tool, especially for the young generation since they can easily access the internet (Zeiser, Anne 115). Mysteryland has also effectively used social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to publicize its events. The same tools can also be employed by RCV, to promote its different brands. Through the sponsorship deal, the company will have a large customer base if the fanatics of Mysteryland realize that RCV brands are associated with it. This will save the company the cost of establishing a social media marketing team since their products will be advertised alongside the events of Mysteryland Music Festivals (Kerin, Roger A et al. 156).
Customers have a propensity of associating companies to the different events they sponsor. It is, therefore, critical for businesses to choose events that are related to the activities they promote (Leenders, Mark A.A.M. 300). This fact provides sufficient ground for the sponsorship deal since RCV product are closely related to music providing a positive brand image, especially among millennial. Companies also consider events and festivals with good reputations and goodwill to sponsor them (Kerin, Roger A et al. 180). This factor places Mysteryland at a strategic position to sponsor RCV owing to their good reputation since they have been organizing such events with proper legal procedures.
In conclusion, corporates are increasingly using music festivals to promote their brands to tap into new markets and increase brand loyalty effectively. RCV can also experiment this strategy by allowing Mysteryland Music Festivals to be associated with its brands. This sponsorship is poised to increase the brand experiences among different groups of customers. They also have the opportunity to expand their operations to international markets hence increasing returns on investment.

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