What Factors Should I Use to Evaluate a Source?

Running head: Evaluation of a source

Evaluation of a source


Evaluation of a source






What factors should I use to evaluate a source?

The reliability, relevance, timeliness and accuracy are factors that one should use to evaluate a source.

Evaluate relevance

· Determine if the information in a source will help you address your readers’ needs and interests

The source is relevant in that it explains both the positive and negative impacts of smart phones. The information provided in the blog is clear and can be used to address the interest of readers.

Evaluate evidence

· Is enough evidence offered?

· Is the right kind of evidence offered?

· Is the evidence used fairly?

· Is the evidence convincing?

· Is the source of evidence provided?

There is not enough evidence offered in the source on the positive and negative impacts of smart phones. A few examples have been provided on the impacts thus the information is not fully exhaustive. The right kind of information has been offered and fairly used. Based on the information, the reader can be convinced about the different impacts that technology has on people’s lives. The sources of evidence are also provided making the information more convincing.

Evaluate the author

· Is the author knowledgeable about the topic?

· What is the author’s evaluation?

· How do the author’s biases affect the arguments, ideas, and information in the source?

The author is knowledgeable on the topic and his evaluation consists of how useful smart phones are as well as how harmful they are. The author is however biased as he focuses on the positive effects of smart phones and his aim is redesigning them to best fit the needs of the society. He fails to understand that negative impacts will remain even after redesigning.

Evaluate the publisher

· How can I locate information about the publisher?
· How do the publisher’s biases affect the arguments, ideas, and information in the source?
The publisher’s information can be located through using the link provided for the blog. His biases leads to confusing readers in that some may end up believing that smart phones actually can be redesigned to have positive impacts only.

Evaluate timeliness
· Is the information current?

The information provided is not current as it fails to incorporate other current social media such as Instagram. It is therefore based on old social networks thus may not be fully reliable although it has some truth.

Evaluate comprehensiveness

· Does the source provide a complete and balanced view of the topic?

The source has a balanced view on the different impacts of technology but in the conclusion, the author is one sided about the matter. It therefore ends up being biased on one view on the impact.

Should I evaluate all types of sources in the same way?

Sources should not be evaluated in the same way whatsoever. The main reason behind this is the fact that the credibility of sources greatly varies.

Evaluate the relevance and credibility of electronic sources

· Web sites and blogs

· News groups, email lists, and discussion forums

Websites are more credible as compared to blogs. Websites are formulated based on true facts while blogs contain personal opinions. On the other hand news groups are more credible than email lists and discussion forums. News is well researched while emails and discussion forums are opinionated in nature.

Evaluate the relevance and accuracy of field sources

· Relevant? Complete? Qualified and knowledgeable? Honest?
Field sources are complete and relevant. They contain first hand information if not altered with and have relevance based on the matters presented.


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